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Order black roses from Surprose

Black rosesSurprose has two types of black roses in its range:

  1. Naturally black roses
    Very dark red roses that appear almost black when in bud. Surprose has this dark red, almost black rose in their assortment, it is an old variety called "Black Baccara". The special Black Baccara rose looks black even in the sun. The look is unique.
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  2. Black painted roses
    These roses are deep black. These are originally red roses of the Red Naomi variety, and are dyed with biodegradable black ink. The ink is absorbed by the flower through the capillaries in the stem, turning the rose deep black. During this process, the stem and leaves also change colour slightly.
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Black rose bouquets

Are you looking for a rose bouquet with black roses? Then you've come to the right place at Surprose. We offer black rose bouquets in any number. The black Baccara rose is the best known, most popular and has been forgotten for a while, but the Black Baccara rose is back. A unique black rose that can be found at Surprose. Unlike other ink-dyed black roses, the colour of the Black Baccara is grown naturally.

Black Baccara roses

Send Black Baccara roses

  • As a mixed bouquet (black roses with gypsophila)
  • As a mono bouquet, where you choose your own number of black roses

You decide how you want the black roses to be sent, complete the order with or without a glass vase and your order will be processed. The roses are specially ordered for you from our growers, so you are assured of the freshest quality. With a specially designed shipping box, your black roses will arrive fresh and undamaged, even with added gifts. Have your self-selected bouquet of black Baccara roses delivered with Surprose.

Have black dyed roses delivered

  • A mixed bouquet of black roses with gypsophilia, or panicum
  • As a mono bouquet - 20 black roses, 30 black roses or 50 black roses

Our black roses have a delivery time of a few days, as they are only cut in the nursery and coloured after we receive the order.

The black and coloured roses have the same shelf life in the vase as normal roses, so treat them as you would any other rose. You can read how to care for roses in our blog about rose care >.

As soon as we receive your order, we will pass it on to our grower. The roses are then coloured especially for you, this takes a day, after which they are immediately taken to our bindery. Here they are carefully bound into a bouquet, packaged in our exclusive gift packaging and sent by DHL to various countries within Europe.

For our black roses, it is important to know that when cutting the stems, some ink may leak from the stems. Therefore avoid contact with clothing and/or vulnerable surfaces! We also include a card in the packaging that clearly states this.

Dried black roses

You can also dry black roses. For this you can use roses painted black, natural black or deep red roses. The deep red roses become very dark in colour during the drying process, almost black! Dried flowers can be kept for at least a year! So you can enjoy beautiful dried roses in your home for at least a year.

Would you like to know what you should and can do to dry your roses? We have written a blog about this and give you all kinds of tips and tricks to dry your roses in the best way. This way you can make sure you can enjoy beautiful dried roses at home.

The meaning of black roses

Black rose bouquetBlack roses as decoration in the home: a black rose is something special. It can be used as a special decorative highlight in bright rooms. Black roses are a real eye-catcher in the right interior.

Black roses and Gothic style...

Black is part of the Gothic scene and therefore our black roses fit it perfectly. Of course, our black roses are also appreciated by everyone who has something to do with the colour black.

Giving black roses as a gift

Giving away black roses: A black rose is mysterious. If you want to give away a black rose, you have to be sure that it will not be misinterpreted or perceived as a threat. Among close friends, a black bouquet of roses can be seen as a special or refreshing gift, something that has not been seen before and can seem special. Do you dare to give away black roses?

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