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Black roses
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Black Roses

True black roses are extremely rare, which is why they are often dismissed as impossible. Our growers have succeeded in creating a rose variety of which the leaves are so deep red that they appear black. The special Black Baccara rose proves it: the fresh roses of this variety look almost completely black in the sun.  This results in a unique appearance. Depending on the light, the large rose heads change from burgundy to pitch black. In direct light you'll see the velvety soft flower structure of the Black Baccara, while the same rose will look truly black when illuminated from a different angle. Its shape and colour make the Black Baccara the queen of black roses.

Our Deep Red Baccara Roses

Are you looking for beautiful black roses? Our online store features the queen of black roses! It's the most popular and forgotten type of rose, but the black Baccara rose is back. A unique deep red rose that can only be found at Surprose. Unlike other regular treated black roses, the colour of the Black Baccara is created naturally. Our black roses are not coloured, in fact. We offer fresh, naturally grown black roses that are created through targeted cultivation by our growers.

Send Deep Red Baccara Roses

As ready-made mixed bouquet (deep red roses + other colours or decorations)

As a mono bouquet, where you choose your desired number of deep red roses

You are completely free in deciding how you want your black roses shipped. You can even complete your order with or without home decoration. Not to mention, your order is completely secure. We will ensure trouble-free shipping throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In a specially developed shipping box, your deep red roses will arrive fresh and undamaged, including a couple of surprising little gifts! The roses are sent directly from our florists to the desired address. Using a freshbag, the roses are neatly tied in the shipping box by our florists. Easily order deep red Baccara roses from Surprose.

Have black dyed roses delivered

  • A mixed bouquet of black roses with gypsophila, or panicum

  • As a mono bouquet - 20 black roses, 30 black roses or 50 black roses

On our black roses there is a delivery time of a few days, these are cut in the greenhouse, and then colored when we have received the order.

The black and colored roses can be kept in the vase as long as normal roses, so you can treat them the same as all other roses.

As soon as we receive your order, we will pass it on to our grower. The roses will then be colored especially for you, this will take a day, after which they will be taken directly to our bindery. Here they are carefully bound into a bouquet, packed in our exclusive gift box and shipped by DHL to several countries within Europe.

For our black colored roses it is important to know that some ink may leak from the stems when they are cut off. Therefore avoid contact with clothing and/or vulnerable surfaces! In the packaging we also include a card on which this is clearly stated.

The Significance of Black Roses

Black roses as home decoration: a black rose is something truly special. It can be used as a unique decorative highlight in bright rooms, for example.

Gifting black roses: a black rose is mysterious. If you want to gift a black rose, you have to be sure that it is not misinterpreted or considered a threat. Among good friends, a black bouquet of roses can be experienced as a unique or surprising gift - something that has never been seen before and that looks truly unique. Do you dare to gift someone a black rose?

Order black dried roses

Our bouquets of dried black roses are made of dried red roses. These color during the drying process to deep red, almost black. This is a natural process. Our dried flowers have a shelf life of at least one year!

The meaning of black roses

Black roses as decoration in the house: a black rose is something special. It can be used as a special decorative highlight in bright rooms. Black roses are a real eye-catcher in the right interior.

Black roses and Gothic style...

Black is part of the Gothic scene and that's why our black roses are a perfect match. Of course our black roses are also appreciated by anyone who has something to do with the color black.


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