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Peonies are often only for sale in spring between April and June. With Surprose, however, you can also have these roses delivered throughout the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium in the other months. This is because Surprose gets the peonies from growers in Ecuador. Ecuador is conveniently located on the equator and therefore they deliver high quality roses all year round. Peonies are very popular for e.g. birthdays, Mother's Day and other special days. So now you too can have beautiful peonies delivered all year round.

Order peonies all year round

When you order peonies delivered by Surprose, Surprose orders these roses especially for you from the grower. Therefore, we have a delivery time of three working days on our peonies. Because we specially order the peonies for you from the grower, you can be sure that you get the freshest peonies. With good care, these peonies will look great in the vase for a long time.

Peonies out of season

Surprose has two different peonies that are available all year round. These are the soft pink Sarah Bernhardt and the white Duchesse de Nemours. The Sarah Bernhardt is one of the most famous peony varieties worldwide. This is because of its beautiful colour and the way this double-flowered peony emerges. Because there are several layers of petals in the flower bud, the peony is very nicely full and looks beautiful in the vase.

The other year-round peony variety available from Surprose is the Duchesse de Nemours. This white peony is very old and has gained a lot of fame in that time. The quality of this rose is very high and that is also why this variety has been very popular for more than a century. The colour of this peony is special, as no white peony is as white as the Duchesse de Nemours.

The head of this peony is very large and can grow up to about 15 cm wide! Many normal roses do not smell or have only a slight rose scent. This white peony, however, has a lovely lemon scent that spreads through the room. So you can have this lovely scent in your home all year round.

Peony care tips

Just like normal roses, peonies need good care to last a long time in the vase. Make sure the vase in which the peonies are placed is of an appropriate size and that this vase is clean. To make sure the peonies stay beautiful in the vase for a long time, it is advisable to change the water every three days.

If the peonies do not come out nicely, it may be because there is still a sugar layer around the bud. This can be removed by holding the peony upside down under a running tap. Make sure no water gets into the peony as this can be harmful. For more care information, visit our rose blog.

The different peony varieties at Surprose

The peony is naturally available only between the months of May and June. This depends every year on how strong the roses are and until when they can still be beautifully delivered. Surprose therefore has several varieties of peonies in its spring range.

A special peony is the Coral Charm. What makes this peony so special is the difference in colour from bud to full bloom. Indeed, when the Coral Charm is still closed, the flower bud has a bright pink colour. As the peony matures, this colour also goes more towards a beautiful salmon hue. This rose is often used in bridal bouquets, given the peony's unique nature.

Prefer a beautiful red peony? Then the Red Charm is perfect for you! Indeed, this strong peony has a special deep red colour that looks beautiful in a bouquet. The Red Charm has a huge flower bud that can reach a size of about 22 cm when in full bloom.

Surprose also has the pink Dr Fleming in its range. This peony is somewhat similar to the popular Sarah Bernhardt peony, which is why the Dr Fleming is also very popular. The Dr Fleming is a slightly darker pink than the Sarah Bernhardt and that distinguishes this peony.

Peonies for Mother's Day

Peonies are very popular on special days like Mother's Day. As Mother's Day always falls in May, this is exactly in the season of peonies. As a result, a bouquet of peonies is often given for this day. When the peonies open in the vase, you have a beautifully full bouquet that your mother can enjoy for a long time to come. The colours in which peonies are available are also perfect colours for Mother's Day. 

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