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Green rosesBuy green roses at Surprose

Green roses are perfect for when you want to give a nice bunch of roses, but not with a bright colour that might not match the interior. Surprose's green roses fit nicely into any interior thanks to their neutral colour. As a result, green roses also look great in Surprose's mixed bouquets. In these mixed bouquets, Surprose's flower arrangers work with many high-quality rose varieties to create a beautiful whole. These bouquets are therefore ideal for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations!

Surprose's green rose varieties

Surprose has one green rose variety in its range. This is the Camouflage. Surprose especially has this rose variety in its range, because the rose is characterised by its high quality and large flower bud. The Camouflage roses are grown in Kenya. This country is known for its strong roses. This is mainly due to Kenya's location on the equator. This means the roses get a lot of sunshine all year round and can therefore grow well all year round. Roses from Kenya are therefore known all over the world. Would you like to know more about the Camouflage roses? Then take a look in our roses lexicon!

Green roses with presents

Would you like to give a mixed bouquet of green roses as a gift? At Surprose you can also add an extra gift to your order! For example, if you want to give a bouquet of green roses to new parents, you can easily order a cuddly toy such as a stork or teddy bear for the baby. You can also easily add a vase to your order. This comes in handy when you know the recipient does not yet have a beautiful glass vase in which the roses will look their best. It would be a shame if the recipient could not put the roses in a vase, even though it is a beautiful bouquet.

The significance of green roses

Green roses are perfect for occasions such as a birth. This is because green roses represent fertility and youth. So with this, you can very nicely congratulate the young parents on the arrival of the baby. Because of the colour green, a green rose bouquet can be given at the birth of a boy or girl. Green roses also represent hope. So it is also a nice bouquet to give on days like birthdays for people who are special to you.

Sustainability at Surprose

Surprose supplies beautiful natural products, so therefore it only makes sense for us to be careful of that nature as well. Surprose has taken several measures so that we can deliver our roses to you in a climate-neutral way. This starts with the growers from whom Surprose gets its roses. They are all certified, so that we can see exactly how the roses are grown. In addition, Surprose's roses come in beautiful gift packaging, which is almost entirely recyclable. This gift packaging is then sent with DHL who work according to the GoGreen principle. This means that they send the packages as much as possible with small electric cars. Want to know more about sustainability at Surprose? Then go to the sustainability page.

Ordering roses for business at Surprose

There is also the possibility to order the roses for business at Surprose. This comes with several advantages. Some of these advantages are listed below. Would you like to know more about business orders or create a business account right away? Go to the page business roses ordering.

  • Order on account
  • A clear invoice including VAT
  • A business discount for frequent orders
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