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Ordering Green Rosesgreen rose bouquet

Green roses are quite special in themselves. These roses are of the Camouflage variety and have a soft green color. They shine in bouquets with only green roses, but can also be combined perfectly with other colors of roses. The soft green rose head fits into any interior and as a gift will therefore surely be well received.

Buy Green Roses

Enter a short text in the text box next to the selected bouquet. This text will appear on the greeting card in the box with the roses. By filling in the card, the recipient will know who sent him/her the roses. Would you prefer to send green roses anonymously? Of course you can! Then don't fill in your name in the text box. The roses will not be sent with the invoice, you'll only receive this in your mailbox. When you don't fill in your name in the greeting card, the recipient will not see who bought the roses.

The roses are sent with two bags of rose food, care tips and the greeting card. The roses are delivered in the luxury gift packaging of Surprose. Just unwrapping the green roses will be a real celebration.

Green Roses as a Gift

Green rosesGreen roses are grown by Rift Valley Roses in Kenya. Because of the position of the sun in Kenya, the roses become incredibly strong, beautiful and large. The roses look best in a large vase. Would you like to add something extra to your order? You can! In our category 'Gifts' we have different types of champagnes, wines, vases, chocolates and accessories that you can use. With these extras you can make your gift even more personal and special than it already is!

Green Roses Delivery

A bouquet of green roses is available for immediate delivery. Order Mon-Fri before 17.00h and next day delivery is possible. The bouquets are delivered with DHL and their Go-Green method. With 95% of the order DHL manages to deliver on the desired delivery date. The bouquets arrive in optimal condition, due to the transport conditions. The roses are fed and watered by fresh bags during transport. With the bouquet you will receive a free greeting card. All our rose bouquets and they are sent in a gift box.

Advantages of ordering roses at Surprose

  • Free wishcard
  • Free gift packaging
  • Fast delivery
  • Always fresh from the grower
  • Best quality of roses

Make business orders at Surprose

At Surprose it is also possible to make a business order. This can be done by creating a business account. A business account gives several advantages. For example, you can order and pay afterwards. We can also make the order specific and you how you would like it to be! Special wishes, like a certain amount of roses, per bouquet or to give the roses per piece to your employees.

If you want to order roses for a company and it is important that the bouquet matches the corporate identity, choose a color roses that combines well with the corporate identity of the company that receives the roses. We can even color roses specially according to the wishes of our customers.
Read more about business orders.


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