With Surprose you can easily send roses to the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses. The roses come from the best growers. So you want to send roses to the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium? This is possible at Surprose!

Sending roses to The Netherlands

Sending roses to the Netherlands

Send roses to the Netherlands with Surprose. Send roses to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Surprose sends fresh roses to your desired location in the Netherlands. Because of the wide range of roses there is a suitable rose bouquet for every occasion. Surprise someone in the Netherlands with a bouquet of high quality roses!

Do you want to surprise someone special? Then add a bottle of wine or champagne to the order. In addition to alcoholic extras, the range also includes other extras to surprise someone. Think of chocolate, vases and teddy bears.

Rose Delivery Germany

Rose delivery in Germany

Rose delivery in Germany with Surprose. Sending roses to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Köln or somewhere else in Germany? Surprose delivers roses all over Germany. Surprise someone with a bouquet of fresh roses directly from the grower. Indicate your desired delivery date and address. The bouquet of roses will be delivered in a gift box.

Order roses easily in our webshop. In addition to roses, you can also order various extras. Think of wine, chocolate and vases.You will receive a free greeting card with every order.

Sending roses to Belgium

Sending roses to Belgium

Send roses to Belgium with Surprose. Would you like to send a beautiful bouquet to Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent or another place in Belgium? Surprose delivers roses all over Belgium. Enter your desired delivery date and delivery address and the rest is done by Surprose. Order premium roses for delivery in Belgium easily at Surprose. With each order you will receive a free greeting card, furthermore the roses are delivered in a free gift package with rose food.

The assortment of Surprose consists of roses in the colours red, white, yellow, orange, pink, green, salmon, blue, black and rainbow. So there is a suitable colour for every occasion! Surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses from Surprose!

Order Roses

Ordering roses in your own language

Ordering roses in English is possible at Surprose. Choice of different rose bouquets. The roses are of very high quality and come directly from the grower. View all available bouquets here.

Rozen bestellen in het Nederlands is mogelijk bij Surprose. Keuze uit verschillende rozenboeketten. De rozen zijn van erg hoge kwaliteit en komen direct van de kweker. Bekijk hier alle beschikbare boeketten.

Rosen auf Deutsch zu bestellen ist bei Surprose möglich. Du hast die Wahl zwischen verschiedenen Rosensträußen. Die Rosen sind von sehr hoher Qualität und kommen direkt vom Züchter. Alle verfügbaren Sträuße findest Du hier.

International rose delivery with Surprose

Widest range of roses
The Surprose assortment consists of the best roses from all over the world. Besides mono bouquets Surprose also sells mixed bouquets.

Fresh from the grower
The roses from Surprose come directly from recognized rose growers from around the world. The roses are then hand-tied into a beautiful bouquet in our bindery and sent to the desired location in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium.

Free greeting card
When ordering you will receive a free greeting card from Surprose. With this card Surprose gives you the opportunity to make your personal message even more clear.

Desired delivery date
At Surprose it is possible to indicate your desired delivery date. Surprise someone for his birthday and then Surprose will do everything to deliver on time. The bouquets are delivered by DHL in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

How does the rose delivery work?

Send roses and specify your desired delivery date. The roses from Surprose come directly from the rose growers, which makes fast delivery possible. The roses come from the grower to us in the bindery. In the bindery the roses are hand-tied into a beautiful bouquet. The bouquet is then delivered in an exclusive gift box to the desired address. To get an idea of how it works, you can watch the video below. It will show you what happens behind the scenes while our courrier picks up the packages right up to the moment they are delivered to your doorstep! 

Du musst 18 Jahre oder älter sein, um dieses Produkt kaufen zu können.
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