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At Surprose you can order the most beautiful roses, fresh from the grower, for everyone. So it's also possible to send roses for business purposes at Surprose. On this page you will find all the information about the benefits, the use of a business account and more. Thank your employees for their work, or your customers for the relationship they've built up. Wish them a Happy New Year, a Merry Christmas or a Happy Birthday. Whatever the occasion, at Surprose you will find the best quality roses that suit your business. Whether the roses have to be packed per piece, whether it's a large quantity, or whether you would like a special colour that suits your company, with Surprose everything is possible!

Advantages of ordering roses for business

The advantages of ordering roses at for business

When you need roses for business purposes there are a couple of advantages we can give you.

Business ordering for events

Events and parties where you need roses? We listed a couple of tips!

Do you need roses a while planning a wedding, a graduation or another big event or party? Read more about this!

Order a large amount of roses

Up to 10.000 roses for a business event, yes we can!

At you can order up to 1001 roses per colour, but we can do much more than that!

Order flower on account

Easily order business flowers on account.

Order business flowers on account! At Surprose it is possible. View this page for information.

Occasions for sending roses

Occasions for sending roses with business purposes

We have listed several occasions for sending roses with business purposes, including some tips!

Roses for your business

Roses and bouquets that match your company perfectly!

Roses per packed per piece or as a bouquet. We will make them match your company image perfectly.

Get in contact with us

Questions? Feel free to ask them any time!

Mail, call or use the contact form! Ask all your questions, we're happy to help you! Get in contact with us.

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