Business Customers

Business Customers

Business purchases at Surprose

Surprose offers not only the possibility for individuals to order high-quality roses, but also for companies to order roses for business purposes. Surprose delivers the roses directly from the grower to you, so you have the roses at the company in a very short time. So you know for sure that you are dealing with the freshest roses. Surprose has several advantages for you when you order business roses. These advantages are listed below. Surprose has a very wide range of roses, so there is something beautiful for every corporate event in our webshop.  

Benefits of ordering roses for business at

The advantages in a row:

  • Order on account, (after approval of your file);
  • Clear invoice, including VAT;
  • Possibility of a standard discount for frequent orders;
  • We will keep your details for your next order;
  • The gift wrapping and the free greeting card;
  • Orders with a value above € 70,- will be delivered for free;
  • You can choose a preferred delivery date;

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Roses from wholesale

Large quantities for an event or party. Order roses from wholesale, fresh from the grower and of the highest quality. With special transport for your order or sent via DHL. Order roses that are guaranteed to arrive fresh and for the recipient to enjoy. Our roses are fresh from the grower, with whom we have a short communication line. More information about ordering fresh roses, directly from the grower? Click on the button below about roses from wholesale.

Roses for events and parties

Need roses for a big party or event? Do you want to order several bouquets for a reception, exhibition, graduation ceremony or wedding? Is an anniversary party or festival being organised and do you want to order roses for the occasion? Fresh roses delivered directly from the grower in the quantity you want. Packaged per piece or per bouquet, we like to think along with you. Read more about the possibilities and ideas for roses at events via the link below.

Order large quantities of roses

Would you like to order large quantities of roses? A larger number than you can possibly order in the webshop? It is possible! Order roses up to 10.000 pieces with Surprose. The roses are fresh from the grower and will be delivered fresh to the address where they are needed. Whether you want the roses bound in bouquets or packed per piece. At Surprose you can get any quantity of roses you want, with or without your own company card. Whether you want pink, red, white, orange, yellow, blue, black or rainbow roses. We provide fresh, high quality roses in the desired number and colour! Click on the button below to read more about how this works.

Order flowers on account

Order flowers on account, that is certainly possible at Surprose. Receive a clear invoice in your mailbox and pay later. Simply order online, receive a clear invoice for your finance department, receive fresh roses from the grower and pay later. We explain how it works and give you more information about ordering your roses on account. Click the button below and read more about paying on account for your roses!

Occasions to order business roses

There are lots of occasions to order business roses. For example, you can give a bunch of pink roses to an employee who has been in service for five years. This way, you show the employee that you are happy he or she works for you and that you hope he or she will stay with you for a long time. Of course, you can also order roses to dress up a business event. By ordering roses in the colour of your company, you can be sure that people will not forget this beautiful celebration in a hurry.  

Roses, special for your business

When you send someone roses in the name of your company, you want the bouquet to match your company. For example, are you looking for a bouquet that is in line with your company's house style? Or do you have a specific style you'd like the bouquet to be tied in? There are many possibilities, so the bouquet has the same look and feel that you want to project with your company. Curious about the possibilities? Click on the button below to discover some of the possibilities!


These companies are already customer and ordered our fresh roses from the grower!

FBK Games Pride Amsterdam Calvin Klein Contict
Van Tilburg-Bastianen Chatkracht Academy Pictures | Club Next Roze Maandag

Our roses, with our customers

The companies that have used our roses for special occasions and events, get an idea of ordering and sending business roses with Surprose!

Surprose - FBK

FBK Games

FBK - Surprose

FBK Games

Calvin Klein - Surprose

Calvin Klein

van Tilburg - Bastianen

Our roses:
  1. 10 to 99 red roses - Red Naomi
    Red roses – Choose your number from 10 till 99 (Red Naomi)
  2. Choose your number of white roses - 100 till 499
    100 till 499 white roses
  3. 10 to 99 soft pink roses
    Soft pink roses – Choose your number from 10 till 99
  4. 15 white roses with gypsophila
    15 white roses with gypsophila
  5. 500 to 1001 white roses
    500 till 1001 white roses
    Delivery in 3 working days
  6. 50 red roses - Red Naomi
    50 red roses - Red Naomi
  7. 10 to 99 red roses - EverRed
    Red roses - Choose your number from 10 till 99 (EverRed)
  8. Mixed roses with wheatgrass
    Mixed roses with wheatgrass
  9. 500 to 1001 orange roses
    500 till 1001 orange roses
    Delivery in 3 working days
  10. Choose your own number deepred roses - Black Bacarra
    Deep red roses – Choose your number from 20 till 99 (Black Baccara)
    Delivery in 3 working days
  11. 10 to 99 white roses
    White roses – Choose your number from 10 till 99
  12. 20 salmon-coloured roses with panicum  - Avalanche Peach
    20 salmon-coloured roses with panicum - Avalanche Peach
  13. 10 to 49 blue roses
    Blue roses – Choose your number from 10 till 49
  14. 500 to 1001 salmon-coloured roses
    500 till 1001 salmon-coloured roses
    Delivery in 3 working days
  15. Mixed bouquet white-pink with panicum and eucalyptus
    Mixed bouquet white-pink with panicum and eucalyptus
  16. 10 to 49 rainbow roses
    Rainbow roses – Choose your number from 10 till 49

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