Our roses

Do the roses stay beautiful and fresh during transportation?

Our roses are all packaged and shipped in our deluxe shipping box. The roses are tied with a user-friendly ribbon. This ensures that the roses do not shift or get damaged during transportation. Our bouquets are kept moist during transport by a 'freshbag'. The roses receive a little water, nutrition and a bacterial inhibitor during transport to ensure freshness. This freshbag cannot (yet) be disposed of as organic waste. Together with our supplier, we are striving for a compostable version in the future. At the moment, half of the fresh bag consists of compostable material, so we are on the right track.

How are the roses/orders packaged?

Our orders are all shipped in our deluxe shipping packaging. This means that the roses are tied into the box by a user-friendly ribbon so that they do not shift or get damaged. A freshbag is also added to all roses to keep the roses fresh during transport. The freshness is thus guaranteed for 48 hours. Together with the roses we add rose food, to ensure that you can enjoy the roses as long as possible. We give the option to add a free card to the order where a personal message can be added.

Where do the roses from Surprose come from?

Each product on our site indicates the grower and the country from which these roses originate. At Surprose we are completely transparent, unique in our industry! Want to know more about our growers? Then read the article about our growers!


What payment options are available?

With us it is possible to make your payment with all common payment methods. We accept payments with Credit Card or PayPal.

How do I enter a discount code?

In the last step before checkout, you can enter the discount code. Are you at the screen where all data of shipping and receiving address must be filled in, then you see (right) bottom of the page the option to enter your discount code. Click 'apply', and the discount will automatically be deducted from your order amount. You can also enter your discount code in the 'voucher code' box at 'view shopping cart’.

Will my invoice be added to the order?

Because many of our roses and gifts are sent to someone else as a gift, we have chosen to send the invoice only by mail. The invoice will be sent by mail to the address added to the billing address. It will therefore not be visible at the delivery address.

How do I place an order?

  1. Browse our site to find the desired bouquet or number of roses.
  2. If you wish, you can add a personal message to your order.
  3. Click on 'Order now' to add these roses to your shopping cart. Click on 'Choose your own number of roses' and enter the number of roses you would like to order.
  4. If desired, select another bouquet, number of roses or gift.
  5. Have you added all the roses and gifts you want to the shopping cart? Click on 'shopping cart' in the upper right corner and check if your shopping cart is correct. You do this by clicking on 'view cart'.

Can I still change the delivery/billing address?

The billing address can still be changed at any time up until the time of delivery. The delivery address can only be changed when the order is not yet packed and ready to be shipped. This means that you can change the delivery address on the day before the delivery date until 14:00. For example: I want to change my delivery address and have placed an order for Wednesday. Then you can change the delivery address until Tuesday 14.00h. Call +31541299859 to make the change.

Can I still change the phone number I entered?

To change the phone number of the billing or delivery address, please email service@surprose.com or call +31541299859 to make the change.

Can I still change or cancel my order?

Orders can be changed in a limited way, depending on the order that has been placed. It may be that the roses have already been specially ordered for you from our growers. If you have already paid for your order you should contact our Surprose team by emailing service@surprose.com or call +31541299859

Can I also choose how many roses I want to order?

You can! Go to the category 'choose your own number' and see our range of roses where you can order your own and different number of roses and order from 10 to 500 roses in any number you wish.

Can I send my order anonymously?

The name of the sender is not automatically revealed to the recipient. Only if you put your name on the personalized greeting card will your name be visible. If you want to remain anonymous you should not put your name in the personalized message.

Can I send an extra gift?

Surprose gives you the option to add several gifts to your bouquet. Look under the category 'gifts' and find our wide range of glass vases, chocolates, wines and champagne. These can be added to the order in the same way as the roses.

What advantage does a customer account offer?

With your own account you have a number of advantages. So you receive our newsletters by mail with fun actions therein. It is also convenient to order because we can remember your addresses. You do not have to fill in the same billing or delivery address again with a second order.


Who is the transporter of Surprose?

Our regular shipping partner is DHL, nationally and internationally. We have deliberately chosen DHL because of their reliable service, their global network and sustainable business practices. For example, our orders in major cities are already increasingly delivered by electric car.

How certain is delivery on the desired day and how long do the roses take to arrive?

Orders for delivery are shipped by DHL the day before the desired delivery date. Delivery is 95% of the time on the desired day, otherwise the next business day.

What time will my package be delivered?

All packages are delivered on time by DHL 95% of the time. DHL delivers these packages between 10:00 and 18:00. Unfortunately we have no influence on the time of delivery. You will automatically receive an email after ordering in which the Track and Trace of DHL is known. This will allow you to see in which time period the delivery driver will be at the destination.

What if I am not home to receive my package?

If the recipient of the package is not at home, the neighbors will be asked to accept the package and you will receive a notice in your letterbox with which of your neighbors the package has been delivered. If no neighbors are home or do not want to accept the package, DHL will come again the next day to deliver the package.

I do not know who has sent me this package, what now?

Did you not receive a message from the person who delivered this parcel to you? First of all, look for the card in the box that is enclosed with the gift. It is possible that a personal text with name has been added. Is this not the case? Please contact us by calling +31541299859 or email service@surprose.com. We will contact the person who sent the gift and ask them to contact the recipient of the package.

Does Surprose also send roses to other countries?

Yes, also in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. For a German order you can make the order on Surprose.de. For an order to Belgium you can use our Dutch site Surprose.nl and add the Belgian address.

Can I have my order delivered on Sunday or Monday?

Unfortunately this is not possible. However, you can have roses delivered on Saturday or Tuesday. Because of our high quality roses you can also order roses and put them in the vase yourself on Saturday and still give beautiful roses as a gift on Monday.

What are the shipping costs?

For almost every order we charge shipping costs of €5.95. For orders over €50.00 we charge no shipping costs, in Belgium or other countries, we reduce shipping costs with €5.95. So for orders to Belgium of an amount above €50.00 you pay €3.00 shipping costs.

How can I follow my order?

When your package is registered with DHL, you will automatically receive a Track & Trace code from DHL in your mailbox. You can use this Track & Trace to follow your order. Note, this Track & Trace can also end up in your spam or junk mail. Please note! Your package will already be registered with DHL before your bouquet is prepared by our specialists. It is therefore possible that you receive an email with a Track and Trace very early on, while your bouquet has not yet been prepared. Don't be alarmed, your package will always be given to the DHL one day in advance!

I, or the recipient did not receive the package on time, what now?

We are sorry to hear that. Please contact us as soon as possible by calling +31541299859 or email service@surprose.com, then together we will find a good solution.

On which days can I have the bouquet delivered?

We deliver 5 days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday.

Other questions

I have another question, where can I ask it?

Call us from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at +31541299859 or e-mail your question to service@surprose.com.

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