We are happy to tell you more about the rose varieties that we have in our range at Surprose on our rose lexicon. Surprose is completely transparent when it comes to the types of roses we sell and where they are grown. Below you will find information about our rose varieties, about the specific characteristics / properties of our roses and where they come from. Would you like to know more about the care of our roses? Take a look at this in our blog, where we give care tips!
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Avalanche roses
To the Avalanche


White Avalanche roses are beautiful and luxurious roses with an enormous appearance and pure natural power. The white Avalanche rose is perhaps the most beautiful rose in our range and often used at royal weddings and VIP parties. The white Avalanche roses are known for their long vase life and appear in many bouquets. Read more about the Avalanche rose here >

Avalanche Peach roses
To the Avalanche Peach

Avalanche Peach

The Avalanche Peach is a beautiful Avalanche rose with a soft salmon colour. The salmon roses are stylish and luxurious roses that are often used at weddings. The rosebud is about 7 cm in diameter with a stem length of about 60 cm. This also champagne-coloured rose is grown right here in the Netherlands! Read more about the Avalanche Peach rose here >

Avalanche Sweet roses
To the Avalanche Sweet

Avalanche Sweet

A large rose (rose head up to 7 cm!) of high quality with a soft pink colour. This beautiful rose is grown in the Netherlands, just like the other Avalanche varieties above. The favourite for bridal bouquets and birthdays, because of its elegant shape and romantic colour. Interested? All about the Avalanche Sweet rose here >

Black Baccara roses
To the Black Baccara

Black Baccara

Want to know everything about the Black Baccara rose? Then you are in the right place! This mysterious deep red rose looks black, but when the rose opens in the vase it is deep red. This black-looking rose is known for having velvety petals in addition to a dark color. Black Baccara roses are back! Read more about the Black Baccara rose >

Camouflage roses
To the Camouflage


A green rose is not very common, which makes the Camouflage rose so special. A rose with a soft green colour. The green rose is fresh and unique! The rose also has a very special meaning. Are you curious and you want to learn more about her? Read more about the origin of the rose, the journey from grower to vase, the colour and meaning of the Camouflage rose >

Coral Charm
To the Coral Charm

Coral Charm

Peonies are special in themselves. But this one is a little bit extra special. The Coral Charm has certain characteristics that not all (peony) roses have. From beautiful petals to the colour(s) of this wonderful peony. The colour even changes during their vase life! A flower for weddings, mothers and actually all flower lovers. Read all about the Coral Charm rose >

Good Times roses
To the Good Times

Good Times

A yellow rose of high quality. The Good Times rose is one of the few yellow roses in our range. It can be found in mono-bouquets, mixed bouquets and can be ordered by the piece from 10 to 1001! The grower, the meaning of the rose, the journey from the grower to the vase and much more can be found on our page about the rose variety: Good Times. Read more about the yellow Good Times rose >

Hermosa roses
To the Hermosa


The Hermosa rose has a sweet, yet soft colour. It was discovered in Ecuador, but the Hermosa in our range is now grown by Ol-Njorowa in Kenya. A high sun, close to the equator, many hours of sun and little rain ensure that the Hermosa rose is a very strong rose with very high quality. Do you want to know more about it? Read more about our Hermosa rose here >

Magic Vuvuzela roses
To the Magic Vuvuzela

Magic Vuvuzela

A very special rose, the Magic Vuvuzela. She comes from a series of several Vuvuzela roses and has a deep pink/red colour. It is a wild rose, which is not available in our assortment all year round. The period she is available you can enjoy her countless petals! Learn all about this special wild rose at Surprose: the Magic Vuvuzela rose >

Memory Lane roses
To the Memory Lane

Memory Lane

Purple roses are special and rare. This Memory Lane rose originates from Kenya, where the sun is high. A rose of high quality has a soft lilac colour. The Memory Lane rose stands for love at first sight and is available as a mono-bouquet or mixed bouquet at Surprose! Want to know more about this special rose? Here you can find out more about Memory Lane >

Paloma roses
To the Paloma


The Paloma rose consists of two colours. The core of this rose is white/cream, this colour runs over into a strong pink at the ends of the rose petals. Each rose petal has the same overflow of the two colours. This is completely natural and therefore not painted! When this rose blooms open on the vase, these colours give a beautiful effect. Want to know more about the grower, the discoverer of the rose and its meaning? Read more about the Paloma rose here >

Red Naomi roses
To the Red Naomi

Red Naomi

These exclusive premium red roses from grower Meewisse Roses radiate pure romance. With its subtle rose scent and large rose head, the Red Naomi rose is a beautiful rose to give as a gift to a loved one in a rose bouquet. Read more about this beautiful and large rose that we have in our range! More information about the Red Naomi >

Sarah Bernhardt peonies
To the Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt

The most popular peony in the world, named after a famous actress. It is sought after for its soft pink colour, its many petals and because it grows so large when in bloom. We have put together all the facts, tips and tricks about this Sarah Bernhardt peony for you.  I am curious to know more about the Sarah Bernhardt peony >

Shades of Grey roses
To the Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

A grey rose! A rose with a soft grey colour in the style of the English garden roses! So this is a very special rose. This is actually one of the few roses we have from our grower in Germany. Do you want to know more about this rose, her special colour and what makes her different from a classic rose? Read more about this exclusive Shades of Grey rose > 

Sophia Loren roses
To the Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

The Sophia Loren is a very bea rose with a soft pink lovely and romantic color. With its sturdy large flower buds of up to 7 cm and sturdy stems of 65 cm, this pink rose belongs to the XXL roses in our assortment. The enormous pink rose has a very long vase life and will surprise most. Read all about our Dutch and beautiful Sophia Loren rose here >

Sweet Revival roses
To the Sweet Revival

Sweet Revival

A very soft pink rose. The outside of the rose is soft green and becomes more and more pink towards the inside, as can be seen in the picture opposite. A pink rose that is also suitable for people who are not fans of a sweet pink colour. It stands for gratitude and admiration with its soft and elegant look. Find out more about the Sweet Revival rose here >

Tacazzi roses
To the Tacazzi


The colourful Tacazzi rose radiates joy, love, gratitude and dignity. With its subtle rose scent, the Tacazzi rose is a rose that makes the perfect gift for any occasion. These roses from Kenya will make a wonderful gift for anyone who receives them. The subtle rose scent of the Tacazzi makes it even more special. Read all about our colourful Tacazzi rose here >

Upper Class roses
To the Upper Class

Upper Class

The Upper Class, an elegant and luxurious red rose. Perfect for giving as a gift to someone else. Whether it's for Valentine's Day or just because you like the recipient, as long as it's a love gift, the Upper Class rose is the one for you. A red rose with a velvet look that is small in the bud, but big when it opens. Find out more surprises of the Upper Class rose >

Vendela roses
To the Vendela


Vendela is a strong white/cream-coloured rose. The originally white Vendela rose can only be ordered with us as a blue rose, or rainbow rose. The rainbow roses come in the bright colours of the rainbow, but also in pastel colours. How this works and much more information can be read on the next page about the Vendela rose >

Vuvuzela roses
To the Vuvuzela


The Vuvuzela rose is one of a series of Vuzela roses. This wild rose resembles a peony or an English garden rose, but it comes from Germany and is actually only available when the peonies are no longer so. Do you want to know more facts and figures about the Vuvuzela rose, the grower and the two colours of this exclusive rose? Then read here much more about this Vuvuzela rose >

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