We are happy to tell you more about the rose varieties that we have in our range at Surprose on our rose lexicon. Surprose is completely transparent when it comes to the types of roses we sell and where they are grown. Below you will find information about our rose varieties, about the specific characteristics / properties of our roses and where they come from. Would you like to know more about the care of our roses? Take a look at this in our blog, where we give care tips!
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Avalanche roses
To the Avalanche


White Avalanche roses are beautiful and luxurious roses with an enormous appearance and pure natural power. The white Avalanche rose is perhaps the most beautiful rose in our range and often used at royal weddings and VIP parties. The white Avalanche roses are known for their long vase life and appear in many bouquets. Read more about the Avalanche rose here>

Avalanche Peach roses
To the Avalanche Peach

Avalanche Peach

The Avalanche Peach is a beautiful Avalanche rose with a soft salmon color. The salmon roses are stylish and luxurious roses that are often used at weddings. The rose bud is approx. 7 cm in diameter with a stem length of approx. 60 cm. This champagne-colored rose is simply grown in the Netherlands! Read more about the Avalanche Peach rose here>

Black Baccara roses
To the Black Baccara

Black Baccara

Want to know everything about the Black Baccara rose? Then you are in the right place! This mysterious deep red rose looks black, but when the rose opens in the vase it is deep red. This black-looking rose is known for having velvety petals in addition to a dark color. Black Baccara roses are back! Read more about the Black Baccara rose>

Red Naomi roses
To the Red Naomi

Red Naomi

These exclusive premium red roses from grower Meewisse Roses radiate pure romance. With its subtle rose scent and large rose head, the Red Naomi rose is a beautiful rose to give as a gift to a loved one in a rose bouquet. Read more about this beautiful and large rose that we have in our range! More information about the Red Naomi>

Sophia Loren roses
To the Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

The Sophia Loren is a very bea rose with a soft pink lovely and romantic color. With its sturdy large flower buds of up to 7 cm and sturdy stems of 65 cm, this pink rose belongs to the XXL roses in our assortment. The enormous pink rose has a very long vase life and will surprise most. Read all about our Dutch and beautiful Sophia Loren rose here>


Tacazzi roses
To the Tacazzi


The colorful Tacazzi rose expresses joy, love, gratitude and dignity. With its subtle rose scent, the Tacazzi rose is a rose that functions as the perfect gift for any occasion. These roses from Kenya will make a wonderful gift for anyone who receives it. The subtle rose scent of the Tacazzi makes it even more special. Read all about our Tacazzi rose here>
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