Order the Black Baccara rose

Order the Black Baccara rose

Black Baccara bouquet The mysterious deep red Black Baccara rose is back. The Baccara rose is an old and very special variety and you rarely come across a rose with this flower colour. The Baccara rose looks black in the bud, but when the rose opens she turns a full, deep red from the inside out. The Baccara roses are one of the darkest roses in the world. The colour, together with the velvety petals make the Black Baccara roses exotic, mysterious and spectacular. With an outstanding sense of drama and a theatrical beauty, this large-flowered rose is a perfect gift for a special person.

The deep red rose

The rose blossoms fully in the vase, which makes it very large and wide. The rose petals curl up slightly at the ends. The colour and texture of the rose petals resemble velvet and when light is shone on the rose, this becomes even more apparent. This is also due to the slight curl of the petals. The colour of the roses is very special and is not often seen in flowers. Not at all that this colour is created naturally. The Black Baccara rose is not dyed, but has got her colour completely naturally.

Send Black Baccara roses

Black Baccara rose Sending these roses makes for a mysterious gift. The colour of this rose fits perfectly with for example autumn, someone who loves bordeaux or if you are looking for a unique gift. When you give Black Baccara roses to someone it will be seen as a unique and special gift. These roses are not very well known yet, so a bouquet of these roses will be experienced as unique. The colour of these roses suits countless interiors and in the vase they will be an eyecather and decorative highlight of the room.

The colour is very suitable for a statement of support or an anniversary. You can also use these almost dark roses as decoration for a party like Halloween or a black & white party. You can order the Black Baccara roses at Surprose in a bouquet of 20, 30 or 50 pieces or choose individual roses per piece. All our bouquets are hand-tied. The bouquet of 20 dark red roses is tied with white gypsophilia. Add a personal message to your order to let them know who and why you are giving this fantastic bouquet of Black Baccara roses to.

Black Baccara directly from the grower

The roses are grown by the Dutch grower Arend Roses. A nursery that was founded in 1976 by the love of roses, passed on from father to son. Sustainability is also high on this grower's list of priorities. Did you know that in the greenhouses of the Black Baccara rose there are all kinds of insects that fight any bacteria that might harm the roses? In addition, the water that the roses do not absorb is reused by filtering the water. So there is as little waste as possible! No chemicals are used, the whole process is kept as green as possible by Arend Roses. On eleven hectares, divided over two locations, fresh roses are cut every day of the week, twice a day.

Order black roses

The Black Baccara has a deep red colour that can really appear black. However, the rose is not really black. If you are looking for real black roses, without the red hue that this rose has, you should take a look at the black roses. These roses are from the rose variety Red Naomi and are dyed using biodegradable ink. Once delivered, this ink can still leak from the stem. This means that care needs to be taken around surfaces that the ink can soak into, such as clothing. So if you want pitch black roses, check out the dyed Red Naomi roses, if you prefer a natural rose that is almost black, then the Black Baccara is the perfect rose!

Our Black Baccara roses:
  1. 50 deep red roses - Black Baccara
    50 deep red roses - Black Baccara
    Delivery in 3 working days
  2. 20 deep red roses with gypsophila - Black Baccara
    20 deep red roses with gypsophila - Black Baccara
    Delivery in 3 working days
  3. Choose your own number deepred roses - Black Bacarra
    Deep red roses – Choose your number from 20 till 99 (Black Baccara)
    Delivery in 3 working days
  4. 30 deep red roses - Black Baccara
    30 deep red roses - Black Baccara
    Delivery in 3 working days

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