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Roses Directly From the Grower to the Consumer!

“Together with the best specialists worldwide, Surprose provides you with the most beautiful roses - selected with love!” (Paul Roetenberg)

SurproseSurprose was founded out of a consumer desire to buy high-quality roses directly from growers. This benefits both the quality of the roses as well as the environment.

After more than 15 years of experience in selling flowers and plants online, founder Paul Roetenberg brought together a number of parties who all had a mutual passion: roses! Roses have appealed to the imagination for centuries and are without doubt the most famous flower species in the world.

Surprose selects the most beautiful roses from the best growers worldwide and is able to deliver them from their nurseries as quickly as possible and beautifully packaged. We believe it is time for a new - transparent and refreshing - approach. Surprose offers a wide range of fresh roses and is completely transparent in their origin. A surprising range of the most beautiful roses has now become accessible to a very wide target group. Moreover, by focusing exclusively on roses, we offer customers several advantages: Roses are very strong flowers that last the longest in a vase (as long as they are not mixed with other flowers). In a mixed bouquet of flowers, stems from different growers 'infect' each other as it were, resulting in the roses dying off first. By exclusively offering high-quality roses, the vase life of the roses is considerably extended. Rose bouquets from Surprose therefore last a lot longer than you are used to. For example, our Sophia Loren variety of roses has a particularly long vase life. In optimal conditions, these roses can bloom beautifully for up to three weeks.

By working selectively with a limited number of growers, we are able to offer the best rose varieties. All our roses are sustainably grown and selected with love for our customers.

“Surprose me” has no doubt become synonymous with "surprise me with the best roses in the world…". “Selected with love”.

Oprichter en coach van Surprose

"Surprose relies on the knowledge of an enthusiastic group of professionals who have all earned their spurs in their field with one common denominator: love for roses!"
"Together with this group of rose lovers, I have the opportunity to introduce our customers to the most beautiful roses in the world. Surprose combines everything: more than 12 years of online experience in flowers, love for a beautiful, sustainable product and the conviction that we must continue to surprise our customers."

Paul Roetenberg, founder and coach of the Surprose team.

Floral Designer voor Surprose

"As a Floral Designer, I've always had a special connection with roses. Since 2000 we have been decorating high-profile events worldwide with the most beautiful flower creations. When I was approached by Surprose to help them design the Surprose collection, I did not hesitate. I've known Paul for over 10 years and the roses in the Surprose collection are among the best in the world. Finally, I get the chance to introduce these roses to the consumer market and make them available to everyone!"

Peter van der Sluis: Master Floral Designer - More about Peter


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