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Rose bouquets
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You can here take a look at all our bouquets.
With gypsophila, eucalyptus or beargrass.
There is a bouquet for everyone's taste!

Roses with gifts

Add a gift to your roses and surprise someone!
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or a vase. 

Roses for a birthday
Roses for a birthday

Rose bouquets selected for a birthday.
These selected bouquets fit the occasion perfectly.
Order and send a rose bouquet for a birthday!

Order Roses Online

Order roses

Want to give someone the most beautiful gift in the world? Order roses! At Surprose, the most beautiful roses are only a single click away... And best of all: the roses you order online can't only be delivered directly to your home, but we can ship our roses to people in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Postcards are out of style and gift cards are impersonal, but roses have an unrivalled charm. They are available in all colours, for every occasion. Surprose me! Have Surprose roses convey your message to the recipient.
Everyone knows: the rose is the one and only precious flower. It's reputation is unmatched. No other flower has such a large flower head and is available in as many different colours with an incomparably sweet scent. Ordering roses means receiving the best: Surprose takes the classic flower and gives it a modern twist: send your roses online as a gift, with that extra bit of wow factor!

Order Roses by Colour

A mixed bunch of roses brings happiness: colourful bouquets include multiple colours and combinations for every occasion.

  • Red is love: red roses are a sign of passion and love.
  • White is beauty: white roses represent peace and symbolise long-term relationships.
  • Pink is trendy: pink roses symbolise the new, but also beauty, respect, gratitude and recognition.
  • Yellow is friendship: a yellow bouquet is the perfect gift for close friends.
  • Orange is happiness: express warmth and assurance with an orange bouquet.

Having difficulty choosing? Choose a bouquet of roses that you like and gift it to a loved one with our free greeting card. At Surprose, bouquets of roses can be ordered in the colours red, white, pink, yellow, salmon, orange, blue, black and in the colours of the rainbow. 

Choose Your Preferred Number of Roses

Have you and your girlfriend been together for 5.5 years and do you want to celebrate your love with 55 roses? At Surprose you can order rose varieties in the colours red, white, pink, orange, yellow, blue, black and rainbow, right up to the exact number of roses desired! Celebrate any anniversary with a suitable gift: a bouquet with the exact number of roses you desire. Send a beautiful rose bouquet!
Tip: in Eastern cultures, round numbers are sometimes considered to bring bad luck. In case of doubt, Surprose recommends gifting a bouquet of 11 roses instead of 10 or 21 roses instead of 20.
It goes without saying that the number of roses you send conveys a certain message to the recipient. For instance, a bouquet with 100 roses represents a closer relationship than a bouquet with 30 roses. A single rose on the other hand, is unobtrusively romantic and also a decorative highlight for the home. As a rule of thumb, 10 or 20 roses are often gifted on more regular occasions. 20 to 50 on the other hand, are often gifted to closer friends and 50 to 500 are generally reserved for truly special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Ordering special rosesrainbow roses

Surprose has a very wide range of special roses. The roses are exclusively of high quality and come from recognized rose growers.

  • You can order special colored roses. Especially colored roses are the rainbow, black and blue roses. The roses can be ordered in different bouquet varieties. With every order you will receive a free greeting card for a personal message. The roses get the special color through biodegradable ink. The colored roses have the same vase life as normal roses and are therefore treated the same as all other roses.
  • You can also order the special national roses. The Netherlands is known worldwide for growing excellent quality roses. Surprose therefore delivers a lot of Dutch roses. Another country that is very well known for its roses is Ecuador. Ecuador is located in South America and in the middle of the equator, because of this location the roses get a lot of sunlight. Because of the sunlight the roses get large flower heads and a strong stem.
  • Ordering spray roses. The spray roses in the assortment of Surprose all come from recognized Dutch rose growers. The spray rose is characterized by the many, somewhat smaller flower heads on 1 stem. The spray roses can be ordered from Surprose in different bouquets. By adding spray roses to a bouquet, the bouquet is immediately more playful.

Rose delivery

Surprose offers beautiful rose bouquets for every occasion. Can you not attend a birthday? Be sure to have a bouquet of fresh roses delivered. The roses are also called the queen of flowers. Besides love, a rose also radiates joy and happiness. Each color has a different meaning. Surprise a loved one with a bouquet of beautiful roses, or spoil yourself with a beautiful bouquet. Please specify the desired delivery date and the roses will be delivered to the desired address! Deliver roses with Surprose!

Highlighted bouquet  - Rose bouquet pink-red

This pink and red bouquet consists of the roses Sweet Revival, Paloma and EverRed which have colors ranging from soft pink to deep red. The roses have a stem length of 50 centimeters, so they will look beautiful in the right vase. The color combination of this pink - red bouquet gives the bouquet a classic look, making it a suitable gift for any occasion.

Ordering Occasional Roses

Special occasion with rosesWith Surprose you can easily order roses online for any occasion. Surprose has an extensive range of premium roses that are suitable for every occasion.

  • Would you like to express your love to someone, for no reason at all, or for a specific occasion? Then Surprose has a wide range of loving rose bouquets. In the colors red, pink, deep red or white, a bouquet of roses will always express love to the recipient of the beautiful bouquet of roses.
  • Order roses for a birthday. Can you not make it yourself, but do you want to send a gift? You can order a beautiful bouquet of birthday roses online. All roses from our webshop come from the best rose growers who love to grow the most beautiful roses.
  • Ordering wedding roses the rose is the most common flower at a wedding. The rose also stands for love, happiness, joy and affection. The red rose is very appropriate for a wedding. The meaning of the red rose is love and respect. The white rose is also very suitable for a wedding. The meaning of the white rose is purity, dignity and true love.

Order roses as a business gift

Would you like to order roses to thank a business partner? Also then you're at the right place at Surprose! You can create an account, it will give you several advantages. A rose bouquet for a business partner may not be romantic, but more suited to the relationship that your company has with this partner. You can choose a colour and a style that fits. Is it modern or classic? Do you go for yellow or green? Do you have a specific wish for a colour? We can even have our roses specially coloured, if required! For more information about business orders at Surprose, check out this page about business orders.

Also if you are looking for roses for a special event or a big party you can come to Surprose. You can choose the number of roses you want in your bouquet at Surprose. For large parties and events you can give your own interpretation to your bouquet. Would you like to discuss this with a member of staff to see what we can do for each other? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! We can also discuss any special wishes or preferences you may have.

In addition to roses you can also order gifts at Surprose

Besides roses, Surprose also offers other extras. With a purchase at Surprose you already receive a free greeting card for a personal message. Finish the gift by also ordering a bottle of wine with a bouquet. Besides wine it is also possible to order chocolate, champagne and a vase at Surprose. The order will be delivered in an exclusive gift box at the specified delivery address. Because we put "freshbags" around the rose bouquet the roses receive water and food during transport. Because of this the roses are delivered in exclusively high quality.  It is possible to select a desired delivery date!

Why order roses at Surprose?

Surprose is the rose specialist of the Netherlands. The bouquets contain high-quality roses, grown by the best growers in the world. Because Surprose is in direct contact with these growers, the roses are delivered extremely fresh to you. The roses do not need to be stored at a florist and come directly from the grower. In addition, the range consists of more than 200 rose bouquets, for every occasion there is a bouquet to order!

How can I order roses?

At Surprose it is very easy to order roses. Click the desired bouquet and choose a free greeting card or free video message. Then add the bouquet to your shopping cart. Besides roses, it is also possible to add a chocolate, wine or champagne to the order. When the bouquet is added to the shopping cart, you can proceed to the checkout process. In the checkout process you can choose the desired delivery date. Once the order has been completed you will receive a confirmation via email and the recipient can enjoy the roses!

How long will my roses remain beautiful?

The roses from Surprose remain beautiful for at least 7 days and with proper care the roses can even remain beautiful for 14 days. The roses come directly from the best growers, so the roses are delivered extremely fresh to your home. Surprose also provides two bags of rose food and care tips with all orders, so the recipient can enjoy the roses even longer.

How quickly will my roses be delivered?

Surprose offers two delivery options: sameday and standard. With the sameday delivery, orders placed before 11:00am will be delivered the same day! This only applies to working days. With standard delivery, orders placed before 17:00 can be delivered the next day. This applies to delivery on weekdays and Saturdays. Unfortunately Surprose does not deliver on Sundays. 

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