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Choose the number of red EverRed roses

You can choose here how many red roses you want to send. Our florists cannot send more than approximately 101 roses in 1 bouquet. Larger quantities are therefore divided over several bouquets!

More Information
Stem length 60 cm
Origin Kenya
Grower Rift Valley Roses
Rose variety


Add a white rose to your bouquet

You can choose to add a white rose in the centre of the bouquet of red EverRed roses. You can do this very simply when ordering these roses. Decide how many EverRed roses you want. Once decided, put this product in your shopping basket. When you then scroll down, under the "More choices" option there will be a single white rose. By adding it, our flower arrangers will ensure that the white rose will be tied in the centre of your bouquet. Adding a white rose in the centre of your bouquet symbolises a new year of life or a new beginning. Please note that for large quantities, the roses will have to be sent in several boxes. The white rose will then be incorporated into one of these bouquets and the recipient will receive several boxes full of roses! This is because it is not possible both for our florists to hold such large bouquets and for the boxes to send it.

Package red roses by the piece

You can also have our florists pack the roses individually. For example, would you like to hand out the roses and give them away individually? We can provide each rose with a water bottle and foil. This way, you can give away the roses individually, the roses get water and will not be damaged. The procedure for this is the same as adding a white rose. Order the number of red roses you would like. In your shopping basket, scroll down. Under "More choices" you will find the product "Single wrapped". You can enter the number of roses you would like to have packaged individually and order them here. Then complete your order as usual. We will take care of the rest! Do you still have questions? Then please contact us.

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