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The high quality vases from Surprose

Would you like to order a beautiful bouquet of roses, but do not yet have a suitable flower vase for it? Surprose has a number of beautiful vases you can add to your order. Surprose vases are of the highest quality and perfect for the roses Surprose sells. It is a shame when you have a beautiful bouquet of roses, but it does not look good in the wrong vase. Glass vases are always recommended for roses, because earthenware vases can harbour bacteria. This is due to the rough finish of pottery.

Different types of vases

Surprose has three different types of vases in its range. These are the eco vases, the normal glass vases and the acrylic vases.

  • Eco vases: these are Surprose's organic vases. These vases are in fact 100% recycled. So if you want to give a sustainable gift, these vases are very suitable for you! The eco vases are a bit taller and therefore perfect for roses from the choose your own number category.
  • Glass vases: these vases are made of real glass and are therefore very sturdy. Due to the smooth finish of the glass, virtually no bacteria remain in the vase. As a result, the roses wilt less quickly and you can enjoy them for longer! Surprose has higher and lower glass vases, so you can choose a beautiful vase for every bouquet.
  • Acrylic vases: the acrylic vases are very special because they are unbreakable. The beauty of this is that these vases still look like real glass. These acrylic vases are therefore perfect if you have small children or pets, for example. If they accidentally knock over a vase, it will not break.

The perfect flower vase for your rose bouquet

Surprose has many different kinds of rose bouquets. It doesn't look good if you have a flower vase that is too big while the bouquet is smaller. The roses will fall apart too much and the bouquet will not look nice. That is why it is important to have the right size flower vase for the right bouquet. With Surprose's flower vases, it says everywhere how many stems fit into a vase. For example, you can easily put up to 100 roses in our largest acrylic vase. Our smallest vase Debbie is perfect for 1 to 5 stems. You get this (or a similar) vase when you order a single rose and three roses from us.

Eco vaseA long vase life

To ensure the roses have a long vase life, the vase is also important. As mentioned, it is recommended to use a smooth flower vase. The best material for this is glass or acrylic glass. There are no walls in the vase where bacteria can hide. It is also advisable to clean the vase regularly. This way, the roses wilt less quickly and you can enjoy your roses for longer.

Where you put the vase in your home is also important. Fruit emits certain substances that make roses less long-lasting. Don't put a vase of roses next to a fruit bowl. It is also better for the roses not to put them in direct sunlight.

Ordering sustainable roses from Surprose

Surprose is committed to sustainability. Therefore, all processes are designed to ensure that the roses are shipped from the grower to you as quickly and environmentally friendly as possible. By not sending the roses to intermediaries unnecessarily, no extra exhaust fumes are emitted. This is better for the environment and you also get the roses as fresh as possible. If you want to find out more about how Surprose gets the roses to you in such an environmentally friendly way, please visit our page on sustainability.

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