Order and send 20 roses

20 roses
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Roses with gifts

Add a gift to your roses and surprise someone!
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or a vase. 

Roses for a birthday
Roses for a birthday

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Order and send a rose bouquet for a birthday!

Order and send 20 roses

Ordering a bouquet of 20 roses from Surprose has several advantages. Surprose is in direct contact with the growers, so a super fresh bouquet of roses can be delivered very quickly to the desired delivery address. The roses can be in a vase the next day and even the same day if ordered before 11:00. The roses are of a very high quality and have a stem length of at least 50 centimeters. When you purchase a bouquet, you can choose a free greeting card or video message.

20 red roses

Surprose has two different red rose varieties in its range. These are the Red Naomi and the EverRed. Both rose varieties are of very high quality and have a stem length of at least 50 centimeters. The Red Naomi is characterized by its large rosebud and long stem. The Red Naomi is known as one of the best roses in the world. The EverRed is a rose with a slightly shorter stem than the Red Naomi. This red rose has a rosebud with a diameter of 6 inches, a real standout. Both red roses are perfect for surprising your loved one.

20 roses for an occasion

A bunch of 20 roses is perfect to give as a gift. Make the gift complete by adding a little extra to the bouquet. Surprose's assortment also includes chocolate, wine, champagne, soft toys and other accessories. Roses combined with an extra and a video message or greeting card is a perfect gift for any occasion. Choose a color of roses that suits the occasion. Think 20 pink roses for a birth of a girl or 20 red roses to celebrate your 20-year anniversary with your loved one. All color bouquets of 20 roses:

20 roses as a gift

Are you planning to give someone else 20 roses as a gift? Of course we understand. You can make your gift even more complete, by adding a suitable vase to your order, that perfectly matches the bouquet you are giving away. The recipient then doesn't have to search for a vase in which the roses will fit and look beautiful. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a suitable vase for your bouquet.

Have you selected a bouquet with shorter stems? Then the glass vase Aafke is perfect for you! This vase keeps the bouquet together nicely and is also made of recycled glass. Have you chosen a bouquet with longer stems? Is the recipient sometimes clumsy or do children or pets run around the recipient's house? We have the perfect vase for this. This acrylic vase for 15-25 roses will not break if knocked over. This vase is slightly taller and will still keep your bouquet with longer stems in a nice shape!

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