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Order 100 red roses from Surprose

100 rode rozen

The person who unwraps the bouquet of 100 premium red roses knows one thing for sure: He or she is very special to the person who has them delivered... The most fantastic rose bouquet to give and to get. All roses are from our top growers in the Netherlands and will shine on the vase one by one. Our bouquets of 100 red or 100 white roses have a stem length of approximately 60 cm and a diameter of 60-80 cm. The volume of this bouquet will increase during the first week as the roses are processed in the bud and come open on the vase.

The meaning of 100 red roses

100 red roses is of course a very impressive gift. The meaning of this gift is very special to many people. With 100 red roses you show that the recipient is the one for you. You show that your love for that person is worth a lot and that you are willing to do anything for them. Surprose has two types of red roses. The Red Naomi is our biggest and most premium red rose. It is known for its large flower heads and beautiful red colour. A slightly cheaper red rose is the Everred. This red rose is still a premium rose, but slightly smaller than the impressive Red Naomi.

100 red roses delivered

Having 100 roses delivered is possible from Tuesday to Saturday. Simply order 100 roses online and add a personal message to your order. We do not charge for the delivery of 100 roses, if we have to send it to the Netherlands or Germany. The bouquet of 100 roses is packaged in a large white box approx 80x60x23 cm with stickers in the characteristic Surprose style. Around the stems of the bouquet is a "freshbag", which ensures that the roses remain fresh for at least 48 hours during transport. The bouquet is tied with a ribbon on the interior of the box, just like our other bouquets. Our packages with 100 roses are shipped with DHL just like the other packages.

100 white roses, 100 pink roses, 100 yellow roses, 100 orange roses, 100 mixed roses....

At Surprose you can order 100 roses in multiple colors. In the category "choose your own number" you can order 100 roses in the color you want. We pack up to 101 roses of the same color as tied bouquet per shipping box. For higher quantities, we will divide the number of roses over multiple packages at our discretion. If you have a special request, please let us know so we can take it into account. It is also possible to have 100 mixed roses delivered. In that case we ask you to contact our sales department. It is also possible to add one or more white or red roses to your order. So if you want to order 99 red roses, for example, with one white rose then that's certainly possible. In the shopping cart you get the option to add a white rose. This is also possible with a red rose in a bouquet with white roses. Again, if you have a special request, please contact our customer service, or send an email to service@surprose.com

100 rainbow roses online

Our special rainbow roses can also be ordered as a bouquet of 100 roses. You can order this in the category "choose your own number" where you can enter any number up to 101. You'll make a great impression by sending 100 rainbow roses! If you want to order a larger number of rainbow roses, please contact our customer service. We will do everything we can to help you make a smashing impression with our rainbow roses.... More about our rainbow roses can be found on our rainbow roses page. 

Have 100 blue roses delivered

In our specials section you will find our blue roses. The blue roses can also be ordered by the piece up to 101 pieces. So ordering 100 blue roses is easy in our webshop. More about our blue roses can be found on our blue roses page. 

Buy 100 black roses

Would you like to buy a beautiful and unique gift for your partner, family or friends? Then 100 black roses are perfect. The black roses are made with an organic ink. The rose stems are dipped in this ink, which gives the roses this beautiful black colour. Surprose uses high quality roses for this, so the time the roses remain beautiful will not suffer. You don't see 100 black roses very often and therefore this is a very impressive gift for a special person. More about our black roses can be found on our black roses page.

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