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Orange rosesOrdering orange roses from Surprose

Do you have a birthday, anniversary party or other special day coming up soon? Then orange roses might just be perfect for you! With these cheerful roses, you don't just give the other person a bouquet, but a feeling of happiness! With a bunch of orange roses, you show the other person that you appreciate them and think of them. Surprose has many different types of orange roses in its range. Whether you only want orange roses or a mixed bouquet with all kinds of different roses, Surprose has it all. Do you want to go all out and order more than 1,000 fresh orange roses directly from the grower? Then get in touch with our customer service to see what we can do for you.

The orange rose varieties

Surprose has different types of orange roses in its range. You can order these orange rose varieties in a beautiful mixed bouquet, but also in bouquets containing only these orange roses. Below are the orange rose varieties of Surprose:

  • Confidential - One of the most popular roses in our range. This is mainly due to the high quality and beautiful colour of this rose. Perfect to give to someone on their birthday, or of course just for yourself in the living room!
  • Devoted - This orange rose is a bit darker than the Confidential. This rose variety therefore has a slight colour gradient from dark orange to light red. This gives the rose a very unique look.
  • Avalanche Peach - These roses have a salmon-coloured flower bud, giving them a luxurious look. This XXL rose therefore looks great in mixed bouquets, but also in bouquets with just the Avalanche Peach.
  • Fiësta - This two-coloured rose has a very unique look, as the colours blend beautifully. It is a true celebration in the vase, which makes this rose variety also suitable for birthdays or other parties!

Order orange roses with gifts

Would you like to give your bouquet of orange roses extra power? Then Surprose also has an extensive range of matching gifts, suitable for you! For example, you can immediately have a matching vase delivered with the orange roses. This way, you can be sure that they can keep the roses beautiful in their home. You can also add chocolates or drinks to the order, for example. Ideal for a romantic evening, such as a wedding or Valentine's Day. Check out our gifts page for all available gifts!

Orange roseThe meaning of orange roses

Orange is a very cheerful colour. It is therefore not without reason that orange roses stand for cosiness, positivity and passion. You can order orange roses for many different occasions. Think, for example, of a friend's birthday or a colleague's anniversary party. Orange roses are therefore very versatile and can be ordered for several events or special days. Orange roses are also great for wishing someone well. The positive atmosphere these roses exude will also improve the recipient's mood, making them feel less ill.

Sustainability at Surprose

Surprose considers sustainability very important. This is therefore reflected in many aspects of our operations. It starts with our growers. These growers are all certified, so the origin of these roses is transparent and traceable. We also ship the roses in beautiful gift packaging, which is almost completely recyclable. Surprose's office is also located in climate-neutral premises. We consider these factors important, so that we can do our bit for a cleaner planet! More information about our sustainability? Then take a look at our sustainability page!

Corporate roses at Surprose

Surprose also allows companies to open a business account. This has a number of additional benefits compared to private accounts. These benefits include an attractive discount and a possibility to order on account. Want to know more about all the advantages? Then go to our page on ordering roses for business!

  • Order on account (after approval of your file)
  • Clear invoice, including VAT
  • A business discount for frequent orders
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