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Premium Rose Bouquet Gift

A premium rose bouquet can be ordered for any special occasion because of its noble appearance and its positive effect on the recipient due to the high quality of the flowers. Premium roses are always a perfect choice, whether you want to spoil a friend on her birthday or send love to your significant other. Express your feelings in style with an arrangement of long-stemmed roses with large blooms.

Captivatingly stylish & elegant roses; with one of these premium rose bouquets you have found a unique creation for a unique occasion. Our professional florists will hand-tie your premium roses into a high-quality bouquet. Best of all, we'll deliver your order to the address of your choice on the date you specify at checkout.

Premium Roses: Our most popular varieties

Long stemmed roses

In the world of flowers, a longer rose often means a higher quality rose. These roses usually stay beautiful in the vase longer. This is partly because the stem can carry the flower head better and the stem can also absorb more water. The XXL roses from Surprose are of high quality and always fresh. This is because Surprose delivers the large roses directly from the grower to you! The large impressive roses are incredibly beautiful in bouquets and are therefore also perfect to give for a special day.

Dutch roses

Surprose is the rose specialist and therefore has a wide range of Dutch roses. Dutch roses are known worldwide as high quality roses. This is because Dutch growers are market leaders in the field of cut roses. Surprose therefore maintains short lines with these Dutch growers. This allows Surprose to deliver Dutch roses on short notice to your home or to friends or family as a gift for a birthday, graduation party or other special day. Dutch roses are also often known as larger roses. For example, the Red Naomi, but also the Sophia Loren are very large roses grown in the Netherlands.

English roses

English roses are characterised by their unique flower structures. Careful selection in a lengthy process of breeding results in special roses. Their flower heads are large and uniquely shaped, so that they attract all eyes. That is why they belong to the category of Premium Roses.

You know them, the beautiful large English roses, as if you had just picked them from one of the National Trust gardens. Beautiful wild roses that are only available in the summer, the time when these roses bloom. At Surprose you will also find English roses, or wild roses in the English style. Special colours and varieties. These wild roses are also of premium quality and come from growers in the Netherlands and Germany. In Germany these roses are also called "Freilandrozen” because they come from the field and are grown outside.

Scented roses

Scented roses spread a lovely and at the same time beguiling rose fragrance. Not all roses are fragrant, but only those that have been carefully bred to be fragrant. Order online at Surprose Premium Roses with the typical refreshing and citrus-like scent.

Not every rose is scented by itself. Surprose has selected several varieties that are lightly scented and, on special order, also strongly scented premium roses can be ordered. The strongly scented roses come from various growers and can be ordered in two colour varieties: white-cream and pink red. The colour is not certain because we select on the strong scent, and not every variety is always available. Because we have direct lines with our growers, we can guarantee that we can deliver strongly scented roses within three working days.

Ecuador Roses

Ecuador roses are characterised by large flowers and thick stems. Due to their location on the equator, roses grown in Ecuador are of particularly high quality. In Ecuador, the sun shines twelve hours a day, regardless of the season. The high intensity of the sun combined with the climate, which is always the same, are the best conditions for growing premium roses.

In Ecuador the most fantastic roses grow all year round. The advantage of Ecuador is that it is located on the equator and the sun is high in the sky almost all year round, which means that excellent quality roses can be grown all year round. At Surprose we have the most favourite premium roses from Ecuador in our range. We can ship these roses within three working days. We order them from the grower and then send the roses in our gift box directly to the recipient. The Equador roses come in two lengths, which the growers do to save space during air freight. We use this difference in length in our bouquets, which creates a playful effect.

Number of roses - Choose your own number

Premium Roses in the colours red, pink, white, orange, yellow, blue, salmon, black, dark red and rainbow can be ordered online per piece at Surprose. All ten colours can be shipped from a quantity of 10 roses. Choose your number of roses and our in-house florists will hand-tie your premium bouquet and send it by the shortest route from the grower to the address you specify.

Would you like to order a specific number of premium roses for a special occasion? Then we have a wide selection of premium roses in the section. These can all be ordered from 10 roses up to 1,000 roses. From 100 roses the price is reduced and from 500 pieces the price is even more attractive. We can deliver the pink and white premium roses from stock up to 100 roses, for larger numbers we apply a delivery term of 3 working days.

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