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Surprose Roses From Ecuador

People familiar with the world of flowers know that the best roses come from Ecuador. Due to its unique geographical features and climate, certain areas in Ecuador are ideal for growing high-quality roses. Ecuador is situated on the equator, so the flowers get all the sunlight they need for the growth of large, beautiful roses. In addition, the areas close to the Andes offer the best conditions for hybrid roses thanks to the volcanic soil that is rich in nutrients.

Large roses from ecuador

Why Do the Most Beautiful Roses Come From Ecuador?

In addition to its location on the equator and the above-mentioned nutrient-rich volcanic soils, Ecuador offers growing areas that are often 2,500 metres above sea level. Thanks to this height, the absorbable light intensity is maximised. As a result, Ecuador roses grow during long days of sunlight. In Ecuador, it's light and dark for 12 hours of the day respectively. Moreover, despite the many hours of sunshine, it isn't extremely warm every day thanks to the dry air on the slopes of the plantations. At night, the temperature drops significantly. This makes the roses grow more slowly, but also more intensively. Ecuador roses therefore form more intense colours, larger heads and thicker stems. And because there is always a spring climate (Ecuador has no seasons), cultivation is continuous all year round and offers a consistent quality.

Roses From Ecuador Are Precious Roses

Ecuador roses are unique roses. They are characterised by their large heads, unique colours and long lives.

At Surprose, roses from Ecuador can be ordered online as bouquets and delivered to any address of your choice. The desired date can be selected during checkout at the last order step. Ecuador roses bring joy to every occasion, no matter how big or small.

Large roses from Ecuador

Roses from EcuadorOur roses from Ecuador are of high quality and impress by their special length. Why do we send large roses from Ecuador? In Ecuador it is possible to grow exceptionally large roses. In general, roses from Ecuador have a very uniform and reliable quality. The position of the sun on the equator is ideal, which gives the roses very intense colors and long stem lengths. Our specialists order almost all roses with long stem lengths directly from growers and growers in Ecuador and send them directly to your house. You will get special roses with intense colors, with long stem lengths that are also long because of the sun of Ecuador.

Send roses with long stems

The large roses are grown in Ecuador. To have the roses that are very long delivered, we send them directly from the grower. The special roses from Ecuador don't even see a cold store here. We send all freshly cut roses fresh from the field. Because of the long road these roses have to travel from Ecuador, the delivery of these roses takes three to four working days.

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