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Choose your number
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Roses for a birthday Roses for a birthday

Roses for a birthday
Surprise the birthday boy or girl with a bouquet of roses!

Roses for your love Roses for your love

Roses for your sweetheart
Show your love with roses!

Roses for an occasionRoses for every occasion

Surprose has only high quality roses in its range. So you can be sure to pick a beautiful bunch of roses for any occasion. Surprose roses are delivered directly from the grower to the recipient. It doesn't get any fresher than this! Because Surprose has short lines with these growers, it can also offer a low price. Below are a number of common occasions. Per occasion, there is also a bunch or bouquet of roses perfectly suited to that occasion, just for inspiration!

Personal occasions to surprise someone with roses

  • Love: Do you want to tell someone how much you love them? Tell it with red roses. That's possible with a single red rose, packaged with matching rose vase in a nice gift box. Three red roses, 10 red roses, 100 red roses or a beautiful bunch of red roses, mixed with eucalyptus. The assortment of red roses is large enough to find something of your choice.
  • Wedding day: Don't forget to order roses for your wedding day! At Surprose it is possible to order your own number of roses from 10 or 20 pieces, depending on the type of rose. For example, if you have been married for 27 years, order 27 roses in the color of your beloved partner. If you want to make it extra special you can add a white or red rose to your order, to emphasize the special number or year.
  • Sorry: Do you have something to make up for? Make sure it's not the roses... With the quality roses from Surprose you make a good impression, always beautiful, carefully wrapped with love to convey the right emotion. Your personal message is discreetly enclosed in an envelope. For this occasion any kind of rose is of course suitable, but especially look at the personal preference of the person who receives the roses (and yes, sometimes it helps to unpack big...).
  • Just because: What could be more fun than unexpectedly letting someone know that someone is very special to you? That is possible with a set of three roses in white or red, but also very well with a mixed bunch of roses. Does he or she like chocolate? Add a box of chocolates or pralines to your order, this can be done starting from €4,95.
  • Thank you: Send a mixed bunch of roses, this will prevent the suggestion of falling in love, so be careful with red roses!
  • Invitation: Adjust the size and color of the bouquet of roses according to the nature of the invitation, from a beautiful white bunch of roses to the exuberant rainbow roses for a bang party, anything is possible.
  • Strength with grief or loss: Keep it simple, let the roses speak, preferably in a white or soft pink color. Use the opportunity to add a personal message.
  • Cheer up: Would you like to surprise someone with a bunch of roses to cheer him or her up? Unpack with a colorful bunch of mixed roses, possibly supplemented with a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine. 
  • What to celebrate: Make it as crazy as you like! Every rose can be used for this and why not add a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne? Choose a champagne that makes the bunch of roses even more sparkling. There is already a bottle of champagne starting at €27,50.
  • Successful: Send your congratulations with a beautiful hand-tied bouquet of mixed roses. Of course it's also possible with a smaller bouquet, the point is that your personal congratulations on the greeting card will be accompanied by something everyone loves: roses!
  • Birthday: Choose your own number of roses in the color that best suits the recipient (for example: the age he/she has reached). Optionally add a single white or red rose for the new or special year. A good bottle of wine or box of chocolates will also go very well with this to make it extra festive. For more suggestions to our assortment of birthday roses.

Business opportunities to order roses online for someone

  • Jubilee: For a jubilee celebration, a mixed bunch of roses is always the right gift (avoid only red roses...). Also, the number of roses equal to the jubilee year is a good suggestion, look for the color that matches the jubilee.
  • Opening: Here you give roses that in terms of color fit well with the appearance or corporate identity of the recipient's company! Remember to order a matching vase. It would be a shame if the roses you give remain somewhere in a bucket....
  • Obtain a prize: Find a festive bouquet and add a nice bottle of champagne from Moët & Chandon to celebrate. Color is up to the orderer, for this occasion any color is suitable, but of course it can also be a nice mixed bunch of roses.
  • Thank you (e.g. for a day president or guest speaker): Give a nice bunch of mixed roses with a personal text on the greeting card. A good bottle of wine suits this occasion well and will certainly be appreciated. If the recipient does not drink wine then a nice box of chocolates is a good alternative, together with the roses everything is festively packaged and delivered in a gift box.
  • Sickness: Send a bunch of mixed roses to let them know you miss the one at work and wish for strength. Add a message from colleagues on the greeting card and add another attention if necessary. A matching glass vase can be useful if you feel that the recipient might not have one for the beautiful roses...
  • Retirement: This of course includes a beautiful bunch of roses... a nice mixed bunch or a number of roses that fits the age of the person retiring. A good bottle of wine is an excellent match, the wines of Surprose are all top wines!
  • Farewell company: Thank the staff member who says goodbye with a fantastic bunch of roses to show the appreciation for his or her efforts.
  • Promotion: Choose a festive bouquet, exuberant with lots of color. Do not forget the personal message on the card and a matching bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate the promotion.
  • New colleague: A new colleague will certainly appreciate it if the company, on behalf of the immediate colleagues or management, welcomes the new staff member with a beautiful bunch of roses. Choose here for a nice mixed bunch of roses, then you are always right!

Rose varieties

Red roses are the most popular roses. You often give these roses for a wedding, your partner's birthday or Valentine's Day. They show that you love them and that you cannot live without them. If you want to thank someone, pink roses are perfect. So these roses are also very suitable when someone has passed an exam or has made a special achievement, for example. If you are having a wedding, white roses are perfect for decorating the location. These white roses often go well with the bride's dress and white roses represent a new beginning that you will build together.

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