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Rose accessories

The rose accessories are user-friendly and have just that little bit extra to ensure optimal enjoyment of the roses. The accessories are professional and are also used by our own flower designers. Surprose offers these items to ensure that you can take care of your roses optimally once you have received them! By taking good care of the roses you can enjoy the beautiful roses for a very long time. The accessories are very handy and nice to use yourself, but also to give away.

The rose scissors

It is very important to actually use rose scissors when you cut the stems of the roses at an angle. If you use ordinary kitchen scissors or a simple paring knife, this can damage the roses which causes them to wilt. This is because it is very important that you use sharp rose scissors. If you don't do this, you can actually squeeze the vessels in the stem while cutting. The roses actually need these vessels to absorb all the nutrients in the rose food and water. Surprose's rose scissors are perfect for cutting these rose stems at an angle. Because it has a good handle, you have enough grip to also cut through the thicker stems, for example. So you can enjoy your roses even longer!

Water tubes

Water tubes

If you are not going to put the roses in the vase at home, but if you are going to hand them out at an event, for example, Surprose's water tubes are very handy. These tubes ensure that the roses get enough water without having to stand on a vase. Surprose has two types of water tubes, a large one and a somewhat smaller one. When you order larger roses, it is advisable to order the larger tube as well. That way you can be sure the roses get enough water outside the vase. 

DIY with water tubes

The water tubes can be used to whip up all kinds of creations. They are often used at weddings, where a whole wall is covered with roses, with a water tubes attached to the stem of the roses. The roses then remain beautiful until the end of this special day. Would you like to do something similar? Then take a look at our 'choose your own number' roses. Here you can specify how many roses you need and order them by the piece. These water tubes can also be used for special wreaths and other flower arrangements. We are already curious to see what you will make with roses and the water tubes!

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