Order centerpieces for your wedding

Flowers at your wedding should not be missing, of course. A wedding needs beautiful flowers! When you think of flowers at your wedding, you might first think of the bridal bouquet, but a wedding is of course much more than that. The decoration of the hall during dinner, for example? The entrance to the reception? Table decorations? Flowers shouldn't be missing there either, right? Think of the centerpiece bouquets that you can place as statement pieces, the centerpieces all come in multiple sizes, so you can alternate if you would like to!

Medium centerpieces for your wedding

Eye-catchers that create atmosphere, romance and really show off the theme of your wedding.

Large centerpieces on your wedding day

For when you want centerpieces that impress, or just when you want to combine the medium bouquets with the large centerpieces.

A centerpiece for a modern/classical wedding

If you are going for a more classic/modern wedding, then perhaps the gold bridal collection style is for you. This gold line within our bridal collection comes in white, pastel, and pastel plus. Whereby the pastel plus collection has just a bit more spice than the pastel collection. Want to keep it really classic and modern? Then the white centerpiece from the gold line is really for you.

Table decoration with flowers for a bohemian wedding

With the bohemian style, it is important that soft colours are present and the bouquet is not tied in a tight way. With a boho atmosphere, it is allowed to be more playful than with a classic wedding. Order a centerpiece from the silver or platinum line from the bridal collection. These are our recommendations for a boho wedding as floral decoration on the table.

Wedding flowers to go with your table decorations

White wedding flowers

White bridal collectionWhite bridal collection

Pastel wedding flowers

Pastel bridal collectionPastel bridal collection

Colourful wedding flowers

Pastel plus bridal collectionPastel plus bridal collection
Set Descending Direction

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