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The most beautiful day of your life, of course, should be celebrated beautifully. The decoration of the location is therefore very important for the total look & feel of the wedding. At Surprose, you can order bridal bouquets, so you can be sure that the decoration fits the ceremony and party perfectly.

Ordering bridal bouquets

White wedding flowers

White bridal collectionWhite bridal collection

We have three collections of bridal roses in white. You can find these in our white bridal collection.

Pastel-coloured wedding flowers

Pastel bridal collectionPastel bridal collection

Again, we have three different types that can be found in our pastel-coloured bridal collection.

Wedding flowers pastel plus

Pastel plus collectionPastel plus collection

These colourful bridal bouquets can be ordered through our pastel plus bridal collection.

Wedding flowers in white

White bridal bouquet - SilverWhite bridal bouquet - Silver
White bridal bouquet - GoldWhite bridal bouquet - Gold
White bridal bouquet - PlatinumWhite bridal bouquet - Platinum

Wedding flowers in pastel colours

Pastel bridal bouquet - SilverPastel bridal bouquet - Silver
Pastel bridal bouquet - GoldPastel bridal bouquet - Gold
Pastel bridal bouquet - PlatinumPastel bridal bouquet - Platinum

Wedding flowers in pastel plus

Pastel plus bridal bouquet - SilverPastel plus bridal bouquet - Silver
Pastel plus bridal bouquet GoldPastel plus bridal bouquet Gold
Pastel plus bridal bouquet - PlatinumPastel plus bridal bouquet - Platinum

Rose petals at your wedding

White rose petalsWhite rose petals
Soft pink rose petalsSoft pink rose petals
Salmon coloured rose petalsSalmon coloured rose petals
Sprinkle pink rose petalsSprinkle pink rose petals
Mixed rose petalsMixed rose petals
Red rose petalsRed rose petals


What does a bridal bouquet cost?

The price of a bridal bouquet can vary a lot depending on the size and type of roses used. For example, bridal bouquets in which David Austin roses are used are often more expensive than bridal bouquets with other roses. Prices of bridal bouquets are from around €150. However, the best roses are used in the bridal bouquets, so you can be sure that they will be in perfect bloom at the wedding itself.

What types of bridal bouquets are there?

There are many different kinds of bridal bouquets, each with a different beautiful shape. If you want to order a completely unique bridal bouquet, a waterfall bouquet is very suitable. This eye-catcher is made with long-stemmed roses. Another popular shape for a bridal bouquet is the Biedermeier. This is a round flower arrangement that goes beautifully with almost any wedding dress.

What colour bridal bouquet goes with a white wedding dress?

If you have a white wedding dress, there are many colours for the bridal bouquet. You can choose to go with the white theme and use white roses for your bridal bouquet. You can also use light pastel colours to add some colour. Furthermore, with a white wedding dress, some pinks also look nice, to give some contrast. In the end, it's all about your taste and what you like best.

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