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You can order special roses online at Surprose

Are you looking for a bouquet of special roses? We offer special roses in different varieties and colors. The special roses collection differs from fragrant roses to rainbow roses. Surprise someone with these special roses and give them an experience they will never forget!

The special roses of Surprose

  • Grassheart roses, the newest variety of roses from Surprose. Surprise someone with these roses grown in the Netherlands. The special roses can be recognized by the green heart, hence the name.

  • Large roses, a specialty of Surprose are the roses with long stems. The assortment consists of rose stems from 60 cm to 100 cm long. If you buy large special roses, you can give a big present.

  • Thornless roses, Roses show their best side with their heart-shaped flowers and scent, but most roses have thorns. Surprose therefore offers special roses without thorns.

The special national roses

The Netherlands is known worldwide for growing excellent quality roses. Our website therefore contains a lot of Dutch roses.

Also Ecuador is known for the quality of their roses. Ecuador is located in the middle of the equator, so the roses get a lot of sunlight. Lots of sunlight provides a strong stem and large flower heads.

  • Roses from the Netherlands, the assortment of Surprose contains a lot of roses from a Dutch grower. Order Dutch roses to give a special Dutch gift.

  • Ecuador roses, special roses come from Ecuador, that's why Surprose offers them. Because of the special geographical characteristics and a special climate certain areas in Ecuador are ideal for growing high quality roses.

Special roses with a playful character

At Surprose we have roses with different characters. The fragrant roses and the spray roses have a special playful character. Enchant someone with the fantastic scent of the fragrant roses or with a full bouquet of spray roses mixed with large roses.

  • Scented roses, Anyone who thinks of roses, also thinks of the enchanting scent. Buying or giving away fragrant roses will give your senses an unforgettable experience. Therefore choose these special roses.

  • Spray roses, also called bunch roses, are so special because of the many, somewhat smaller flower heads on 1 stem. This gives the special rose a playful character.

The special fragrant roses

The fragrant roses can again be divided into two varieties. These are lightly scented and strongly scented roses.

  • The lightly scented roses, the special roses contain an honest scent. Surprose works closely with the rose growers. This way Surprose can guarantee an assortment full of subtly scented roses.

  • The strong scented roses, these special roses are composed based on the fragrance quality. The type of rose in this bouquet is not fixed but you are sure of the best scented rose, fresh from one of our regular growers.

Special colorful roses

At Surprose we have roses in many different colors. Think of yellow, red, pink and orange roses but also other special colors, which are blue, black and rainbow roses.

These colors roses are not common and are very special.

  • Order blue roses, are already very unique and are the perfect gift for men or someone whose favorite color is blue. So the special roses are perfect for a birthday. These unique roses do not have the color of their own but are dyed in a special way.

  • Order black roses, these special roses are real eye-catchers. The black roses are available in different varieties and bouquets. Surprose also offers unique dried roses, these are also in the black roses assortment.

  • Order rainbow roses, the rose for anyone looking for something unique. In each rainbow rose the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple shine in the rose. Surprose has the largest assortment of rainbow roses. Take a look at the assortment for the different products.

Rose delivery

Special roses delivered by Surprose. Give a unique gift. The special roses are suitable for many occasions, so you have something for everything and everyone.

Do you want more information about colored roses?  Take a look at the blog about colored roses.

Sustainable roses

The special roses of Surprose are genuine and come directly from the grower. By taking good care of the unique roses they will be in the vase for two weeks. Surprose uses as little plastic as possible in the packaging process and we consciously choose DHL delivery and their GoGreen method.

Du musst 18 Jahre oder älter sein, um dieses Produkt kaufen zu können.
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