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Order 50 roses

Simply order a bouquet of 50 roses at Surprose! We already have a number of bouquets of 50 roses in our range, for example in the colors: red, salmon, deep red, black, blue and rainbow colors in pastel. Of the red roses we even have two bouquets that you can order in 50 pieces. Surprose makes it easy to surprise someone with 50 roses.

Choose the color and type of rose you would like to order, fill in your details and order. Do not forget to leave a personal message, so the recipient knows who this huge bouquet is from. Prefer to record a personal video message for the recipient? The recipient will receive a QR code that can be scanned and then your previously recorded video will open. 

Buy 50 roses in all colors

In addition to the bouquets that we already offer in 50 roses online, you can also choose other colors that you want in your bouquet. You can choose the number of roses in the colors: white, red and deep red, yellow, pink and soft pink, salmon, orange, black, blue, rainbow and rainbow pastel. Do you have specific requirements but can't find it online in our selection? Let us know, we may still be able to help you with something!

The meaning of 50 roses

Sending a bunch of 50 roses is quite spectacular in itself. It's a huge bouquet that is sure to impress the recipient. Especially if the roses remain in the vase for a long time because they are so fresh. But there is also a real meaning behind sending 50 roses. Sending 50 roses stands for unconditional love. The color of the roses also has a meaning. Would you like to know more about the meaning of the rose colors? You can find that meaning in our blog: the meaning of rose colors.

The perfect vase for 50 roses

A bunch of 50 roses is a huge bunch, it does not fit in every vase. Most people do not have a vase in their house where they can put the entire bouquet. It is also a shame to divide the bouquet over several vases, because then the effect of the huge bunch is lost a bit. That's why we have the perfect vase for you, to make your gift complete.

Would you like a glass vase? Then take a look at our glass vase Bibi. This vase is suitable for 30-50 roses, a bouquet of 50 roses will fall perfectly in this vase. Prefer not to use glass? Do you have pets or children running around? And are you afraid that the vase will fall over and break? Then check out our acrylic vase for 25-60 roses. If the vase is dropped it will not break. And yet the vase is as crystal clear as real glass!

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