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Large red rosesBuy large roses at Surprose

As a rose specialist, Surprose has a very wide range of large roses. These are roses whose total length can reach up to about 65 centimetres! Roses with this length are premium roses that you do not often see from other rose suppliers. Surprose can deliver these roses to you at very short notice, so you can be sure that you have a nice gift for someone or a beautiful rose bouquet for yourself! As mentioned, Surprose has many different types of large roses that are available in a lot of different colours.

The significance of large roses

With a bunch of big roses, you have a beautiful and imposing gift that you give to someone. Surprose has the large roses in different colours that all have different meanings. Below are the different meanings for each colour.

  • Red roses stand for romance and love. You give a bunch of red roses to someone you love and want to show them how much you love them. A bouquet of red roses is the perfect gift for your partner's birthday, or for a wedding or other special day, for example.
  • Pink roses represent gratitude and admiration. For example, you can give these pink roses to friends you want to thank for the support you get from them or after they have done something for you. Pink roses are also often given to congratulate someone on a special achievement, such as passing an exam.
  • White roses represent trust and respect. These roses are often used at weddings, for example. Indeed, at weddings, white roses often look very nice with the bride's dress and with the entire theme of the party. With these white roses, the location can then be decorated very nicely and you can be sure of a successful wedding.

Order large roses with gifts

With the premium large roses you give a very unique gift. Due to the size of the roses, not many roses are needed in a bouquet to give it a full impression in the vase. This way, you know for sure that the gift will be impressive. Would you like to add some extra power to your message? You can do so with the gifts Surprose also sells. Think of a luxury chocolate gift, a nice cuddly toy or a nice bottle of champagne. Surprose has several premium brands of chocolate in its range. So you can also order chocolate from the brands Tony's Chocolonely and Lindt! Surprose also supplies champagne of the Moët & Chandon brand. These bottles of champagne are of high quality and therefore match well with the XXL roses of Surprose. This way, you can personalise the gift and make it perfect for any occasion.

The large rose varieties of Surprose

Avalanche Peach roseSurprose has several XXL roses in its range. These roses are very strong because they have a long and large stem. These stems can absorb a lot of water, often allowing the roses to stand beautifully in the vase for longer. Below are some of the XXL roses Surprose has in its range.

  • Avalanche - This XXL rose has a beautiful white colour. The white colour looks beautiful in almost any interior and this rose is therefore also very popular in birthday bouquets.
  • Red Naomi - The Red Naomi is known for its bright and impressive red colour. An ideal rose for romantic occasions like a wedding or Valentine's Day.
  • Sophia Loren - The Sophia Loren rose has an impressive pink colour. This rose is often used in bouquets for birthdays of family and friends.

Surprose's sustainability

Surprose considers sustainable business very important. That is why we make sure we deliver the roses to you in a climate-neutral way. This starts with our growers. These are certified, so all roses can be traced back to their origin. Next, the roses are delivered to you via the shortest possible route in an environmentally-friendly box. This box is almost completely recyclable and no plastic is used in it. For more information, visit Surprose's sustainability page.

Business roses at Surprose

Do you always want to order a bunch of roses for a jubilee or a birthday boy or girl? Then a business account at Surprose has many advantages for you. Below are some of these benefits. You can find all information about business accounts on our page business ordering roses.

  • A business discount for frequent orders
  • A clear invoice with VAT
  • Ordering on account as a regular customer
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