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Roses for a birthday

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Order 1 rose

Would you like to order and send 1 rose? You can! A small gift to let someone know you're thinking of them, to give them a boost or to declare your love. At Surprose you can choose between the single long life rose and the single fresh rose. Order and send a single rose that the recipient will enjoy for a long time!

Ordering a single rose

The fresh roses from Surprose come directly from the grower, are wrapped in paper by our flower binders and are sent to the recipient shortly before delivery. You can order a single rose from Surprose in the colors: pink, red and white. To make the gift even more complete, we also send the vase with the rose. Very few people have a vase for a single rose. So to make things easier for you and the recipient, we include the vase for the single rose!

Ordering the single long life rose

These are roses that remain beautiful in the vase for up to several years without water! This does not mean that the roses are fake, they are in fact real. These are fresh roses that have been cut at the grower and then processed. These roses remain "frozen" so to speak for an enormous amount of time beautiful. The single long life rose can be ordered in the colors: red, pink, cream, white and burgundy, while supplies last! Also with the single long life rose we will include the vase!

Send a single rose

The symbolism of sending 1 rose is a sign of love at first sight. Would you like to convey this message but send your single rose anonymously? The only thing the recipient sees is the greeting card with your personal message or video. If you leave your name, the recipient will know who you are. Would you prefer to send it anonymously? Then don't leave your name, that's all you have to do.

For more information about sending a single rose, see our page with all shipping information.

1 rose delivery

The rose is wrapped in paper by our flower binders. This way the rose is not damaged during transport to the recipient and the rose stays beautiful. A fresh bag containing water and flower food is attached to the stem to prevent the rose from drying out. The box contains an envelope with care tips, two bags of flower food and your personal card with text or the QR code of your video. The vase is carefully wrapped in paper and then goes in the box with the rose. Just unwrapping the box becomes a party!

Du musst 18 Jahre oder älter sein, um dieses Produkt kaufen zu können.
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