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Order your bridal bouquet for your wedding

Of course, you can't celebrate your wedding without a bridal bouquet. No time to go to a florist and pick out all the flowers piece by piece? Then SURPROSE is the place to be.

Ordering a classic bridal bouquet

A classic bridal bouquet is often tightly bound and has a round shape. A classic bouquet is usually white or has light pastel shades. The idea is for the bouquet not to stand out too much, but to compliment the wedding dress. Below are the four best bouquets for a classic wedding.

Ordering a bohemian bridal bouquet

A bohemian bridal bouquet, also called a boho bridal bouquet, is more loosely tied with natural shapes. This bridal bouquet has meet pastel colours and is tied with greenery. The style of a bohemian bouquet is a bit more playful than a classic bouquet. Below are the four best bouquets for a bohemian bouquet.

Wedding flowers to match your bridal bouquet

Would you like to pick bridal flowers to match the bridal bouquet you have chosen? Each bridal bouquet belongs to a collection, each collection consists of three styles and also comes in three colours. Look below for each colour to see what else matches your bridal bouquet collection!

White wedding flowers

White bridal collectionWhite bridal collection

Pastel wedding flowers

Pastel bridal collectionPastel bridal collection

Colourful wedding flowers

Pastel plus bridal collectionPastel plus bridal collection
Set Descending Direction

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