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Thornless Roses

Thornless roses Roses show the most beautiful side of themselves with their heart-shaped flowers and fragrance, but their thorns may sting somewhat. Fortunately, Surprose offers special roses without thorns. Passionate growers around the world have cultivated beautiful thornless roses for keen rose lovers who want to decorate their homes without worrying about prickly thorns.

Thornless roses from Kenya

Surprose has high quality thornless roses in its range. The Tacazzi roses are grown in Kenya because of its unique climate. Kenya is located on the equator, so the sun shines all year round. Because these roses receive so much sun, they can grow freely and this results in strong and beautiful roses. Because of this, thornless roses from Kenya are known all over the world. Surprose can deliver the thornless roses to your doorstep on a very short notice, because Surprose always has these thornless roses in stock.

Thornless roses for special occasions

Do you want to thank someone, do you have a wedding or birthday soon or do you know that they have children and you want to thank them? Then the thornless roses from Surprose are perfect. These roses are as said child friendly, but still look beautiful. Surprose has several beautiful bouquets in its range that you can choose from. So you know for sure that for every interior there is a bouquet that fits beautifully. The large flower heads make a very suitable gift for that party you are having. Guaranteed that you will have the most beautiful thornless roses!

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