20 rainbow roses

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A bouquet of 20 rainbow roses

Do you want to give a special bouquet? Then this is the right bouquet for you! These 20 rainbow roses are a special appearance and will amaze many eyes. With all the colours of the rainbow, this rose is a real eye-catcher. This type of rose is cut especially for your order at our grower(s). Subsequent changes to a confirmed order are limited.

More Information
Amount of stems 20
Stem length 60 cm
Origin The Netherlands
Grower Four Seasons
Rose variety


It doesn't get more festive than this rainbow rose. This rose gets her special colours by adding biological colouring agents to the stems, which gives the original white rose these amazing colours. It is perfectly normal for the leaves of the rose to fade slightly. These roses are fresh from our grower Four Seasons and remain in the vase just as long as untreated roses. This is an exclusive variety that is specially ordered for our customers from our growers. Changing the order after the order confirmation is limited possible.

The length of the stems of this rose is approximately 60 centimetres, which makes it stand out in any suitable vase. If you would rather have an even larger bouquet of these exceptionally coloured roses, check out the bouquets with 30 or 50 rainbow roses. Please note that we also have these beautiful roses in pastel colours, as a wonderful gift from Surprose.

*These roses have all the colours through ink. By colouring the roses, the leaves also colour with them, which is perfectly normal. The leaves of the rose may appear dry, this too is due to the colouring process and cannot be avoided. This also does not affect the vase life of the roses in the vase.

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