21 till 50 red long life roses

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Red long life rose from 21 pieces   + €10.45

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Stem length 55 cm

21 till 50 red long life roses

  • Enjoy for months to several years!
  • Do not water
  • Keep out of direct sunlight

These are very special roses, because you don't have to water them or feed them with flower food. These roses remain beautiful without any effort on your part. The only thing you can do is remove a little dust from the rose petals every now and then. You can do this with a soft brush or by blowing gently. The roses can stay beautiful this way for months or even years. This does not mean that the roses are fake. These roses are fresh roses that have been grown in a nursery. After growing, the fresh roses are treated with a biodegradable liquid, which makes them freeze, as it were. The beauty of the roses lasts for several years! If you love roses and prefer to have them in your vase at home all the time, then these roses are perfect for you!
Therefore, these roses have a delivery time of 3 weeks.

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