Roses as a christmas gift

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Order a bouquet for Christmas

There are countless reasons to order a bouquet of roses for the holidays. Is it not possible to be with your with your family to celebrate Christmas together? By sending a bouquet of roses, you let them know that you are thinking about them. Leave a text with the free greeting card and tell them why they deserve this bunch of roses. A bouquet of roses is therefore also a special gift for Christmas with a beautiful message behind it.

Order wax roses

Wax roses are very well suited for decorating, for example, a beautiful Christmas wreath or a Christmas arrangement on the table. We have these roses in the colours silver, gold and copper! With these special colours, you ensure an unforgettable Christmas. These colours provide a festive whole for your decoration. Bring Christmas into your home with these special wax roses. Prefer a somewhat calmer Christmas arrangement? We also have these wax roses in white, red and burgundy! The perfect Christmas colors!

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