Three burgundy red long life roses including vase

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Three burgundy long-lasting roses

  • Enjoy for months to several years!
  • Do not water
  • Keep out of direct sunlight

The vase comes with the roses. The vase contains the three burgundy red prepared roses. What are prepared roses? It means that the roses stay in the vase for a very long time. A fresh rose from our range can stay in the vase for 2-3 weeks if cared for properly. These roses can stay in the vase for months and even several years and all that without water! The water that is normally in a fresh rose has been replaced by a liquid. This liquid causes the rose to sort of freeze. The rose remains in the state it is in. It will not wilt after a few weeks, as a fresh rose normally does. So it's originally a fresh rose, but it's been modified so that you and/or your recipient can enjoy it even longer!

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