Meaning of rose colours

Meaning of rose colours

Symbolism of the rose colour - What does the colour of a rose mean?

Symbolism of rose coloursHave you ever wondered what the colour of a rose actually means? Maybe you know that red roses stand for love and romance. But yellow, blue and black roses also have a certain symbolism. For example, blue roses symbolise mystery. Yellow roses are ideal to give away to friends and green roses represent strength and fertility. Orange roses are for joy and pink roses are for thanksgiving. White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity and loyalty, also a fitting gift for a fresh start or a farewell. A coloured bouquet is chosen for joyful occasions and to celebrate life.
For thousands of years, people have used flowers to express their emotions and feelings. And we still use this secret language all over the world.

Surprose has several varieties of roses of the same colour. We have the red Naomi, the red EverRed, dark red roses, almost black roses and red roses with long stems. Our range is very extensive. You will always find a type that suits your loved one or a special moment. The number of roses you give also have a certain symbolism, you can read more about that in this blog.

Below, more about the symbolism of the different colours of roses.

Meaning of white roses

The symbolism of the elegant white rose is trust, innocence, purity, loyalty and respect. The white rose is also a symbol of remembrance. The white rose is very popular in the bridal bouquet and also suits farewell and memories. In addition, a bouquet of white roses is perfect for new business customers, for a housewarming party or of course the beginning of a new love.

White is an elegant and neutral colour, therefore white roses fit in every interior and are often bought as decoration. For our white flower queen we use our White Avalanche Roses®. Our professional rose binders have consciously chosen for this variety, because it is known for its large rose heads and special shelf life.

What do red roses stand for?

Red roses are known worldwide as the symbol of love and romance. With red roses, you really give a feeling or emotion to someone else. So red roses are ideal to give to your partner on, for example, a wedding day, Valentine's Day or other special occasion. Surprose has many options for giving red roses to someone. So you have bouquets of 100 red roses for a very impressive gift, but you can also order your own number of roses in a bouquet of, say, 33 red roses, for a birthday or wedding anniversary.

Memory lane roses

Symbolism purple roses

The message that the purple rose wants to send out is 'Love at first sight'. So it's not that only red roses do well on Valentine's Day, also purple roses fit perfectly with the feeling of enchantment and desire.

Surprose has a lavender rose in its range, a true eye-catcher in any interior! This lilac rose is from the variety Memory Lane and is not something you see every day. Because of its special colour, this rose is seen as a beautiful gift.

The meaning of black roses

What do black roses stand for? The black roses do not have a very cheerful meaning and stand for the end of a period, for closure and farewell. Think of the end of a relationship or a death.

A black rose is something special. Black roses are a true eye-catcher in the right interior. In addition, our black roses are highly appreciated by anyone with a thing for the colour black. Think of the Gothic style. Black is part of the Gothic scene and therefore our black roses fit it perfectly.

Pink roses

What do pink roses mean?

Pink roses are very versatile roses. Thus, pink roses also have multiple meanings. For instance, you can use these roses if you are grateful to someone for something and they want to show their gratitude with these roses. Furthermore, pink roses also represent desire. So you can also give pink roses to your partner for a special day or just for fun. Pink roses come in different shades. Partly for this reason, pink roses are also popular in mixed bouquets. This is because the pink colour is really timeless and therefore they match many other colours.

The meaning of yellow roses

In the past, the yellow rose was associated with jealousy or infidelity. Nowadays, we see this rose as meaning strength, friendship and cherishing. Yellow roses can be bought as a beautiful decoration to bring some colour in your home. A bouquet of yellow roses not only provides warmth and a good mood, the yellow rose radiates at least as much power and liveliness, a real eye-catcher in your living room. Especially around Easter time.

Yellow roses are a gift for strength and gratitude. A bouquet of yellow roses is the perfect way to celebrate a long-lasting friendship.

What do orange roses symbolise?

Sending orange roses means sending light, joy and happiness. And so orange roses are all-rounders. Orange roses in your home radiate energy. A bouquet of orange roses is a real eye-catcher in any living room.

What do green roses mean?

Green stands for life, for nature, for strength and fertility. Green roses are quite special in themselves. These roses are of the Camouflage variety and have a soft green colour. They shine in bouquets with just the green roses, but can also be combined perfectly with other colours of roses. Combined with white roses you have a perfect maternity gift.

The soft green colour fits in every interior and will be well received as a gift.

Blue roses, what do they mean?

Blue roses are the most magical roses, because they symbolise mystery. Blue is also the colour of rebellion. Because the blue rose itself does not really exist, it is a white rose coloured blue, it stands for an unrealisable dream, for ecstasy and unattainable love and fantasy. Surprose has very deep and strikingly fresh blue roses that amaze the recipient with their impossible beauty.

The symbolism of Rainbow Roses

Rainbow rosesThe colours of the rainbow have different meanings. You often see these colours on flags, such as the well-known rainbow flag. The best known rainbow flags are those of the gay movement, where the rainbow stands for diversity, mankind in all its colours. And the peace movement, where the colours of the rainbow symbolise international world peace. The difference between these two rainbow flags is the reversed order of the coloured strips.

We are therefore proud that our rainbow roses are embraced by these target groups. It is hard to imagine a more special gift than a bunch of rainbow roses. Does the rainbow have a special meaning for you or someone you know? Or do you like bright colours? Then our rainbow roses are the perfect gift for yourself, a friend, relative or loved one.


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