10 soft pink peonies - Sarah Bernhardt

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Bouquet of soft pink peonies

Especially for true peony lovers: out of season peonies can now be ordered here!

More Information
Amount of stems 10
Stem length 50 cm
Origin Ecuador
Grower Multiple
Rose variety

Sarah Bernhardt

Normally, you can only buy peonies in April and May. They are hugely popular for their full flower buds and are therefore quite missed when the season is over. But now we have found high-quality peonies that can also be delivered out of season. Because the roses now come from Ecuador, we need a bit more delivery time, but then you have peonies all year round!

If the peonies come from abroad outside the Dutch season, our growers send the peonies dry to avoid damaging them. However, the peonies should be put on fresh water as soon as possible. Fill a vase for at least half with clean water, add 1 bag of cut flower food. Cut about 3 cm off the stem at an angle and put them in the vase as soon as possible. Already after a full day, the leaves will feel firmer again and the peony can open!

Enjoy the beauty of our peonies!

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