15 soft pink peonies

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Peonies bring spring into the house

This peony of the Sarah Bernardt variety makes herself special because of her insanely beautiful soft pink colour which always comes out well in all kinds of rooms. The buds of these peonies can reach up to 15 cm in diameter, making each bouquet of these peonies a true eye-catcher and also a wonderful gift.

More Information
Amount of stems 15
Stem length 50 cm
Rose variety

Sarah Bernhardt

In the months of May to June the peonies bloom again in the Netherlands! It is important to take good care of your peonies so you can enjoy them for the longest time. Did you know for instance that it is important that all buds have enough space? If this is not the case, not all buds will fully develop, which is a waste of this peony bouquet. Learn more about the right rose care in our blog about this! To learn more about peonies, read our blog about these special peonies.
Besides this special soft pink colour, we also have the peony in white and a hard pink colour. This way you can choose the peony that fits best in a certain interior, or the peony you simply like best. We wish you lots of fun giving or receiving these perfect peonies!

If the peonies come from abroad outside the Dutch season, our growers send the peonies dry to avoid damaging them. However, the peonies should be put on fresh water as soon as possible. Fill a vase for at least half with clean water, add 1 bag of cut flower food. Cut about 3 cm off the stem at an angle and put them in the vase as soon as possible. Already after a full day, the leaves will feel firmer again and the peony can open!

Enjoy the beauty of our peonies!

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