Benefits of ordering roses for business

Benefits of ordering roses for business

At Surprose it is possible to order roses for business purposes, for example for events. This can be done by creating a business account. Creating a business account has several advantages.

Business ordering roses for a colleague or customer

As with personal orders, every order for a person (e.g. a colleague or customer) is accompanied by a free greeting card and a luxury gift box. The envelope we include with the order also contains two bags of flower food. These are two, so that the roses can remain beautiful in the vase for as long as possible. In addition to the flower food, care tips are also included. We want just as much as you do that the roses arrive beautifully and that the recipient can enjoy them as long as possible. For more about the occasions and bouquets that are appropriate for them, we have thought about that too. You can read all about occasions and matching bouquets here.

Rose bouquets:

Business ordering roses for an event

Would you like to give away roses at an event? At Surprose it is possible to order roses in a package, per piece. It’s great if you want to give away roses at a party or business event. The roses are delivered in small water tubes. These water tubes ensure that the roses remain fresh during the journey to you and the hand-out at the event itself. The water tube keeps the roses fresh for a full day after arrival. In addition to the water tube, the rose is wrapped in cellophane. The cellophane ensures that the roses do not rub against each other and are therefore not damaged. It also gives the rose a more luxurious appearance.

Roses packed per piece How to order packaged roses?

It is very easy to order roses packed per piece at Surprose. The step-by-step plan:

  1. You choose the number of roses you want;
  2. Add this number to your shopping cart;
  3. You choose the number of roses you want packed; this option is in your shopping cart;
  4. Pay for the number of roses and packages you've chosen;
  5. The roses are delivered in a package!

The roses are normally delivered by our carrier. Do you have a big event with an enormous amount of roses? We can arrange for dedicated transport for your order. A car will then drive especially for your order to ensure that the roses arrive as fresh as possible and on time.

Order roses, that can be packed per piece:

What advantages do you enjoy by ordering roses for business?

Order roses online for business purposes Some advantages associated with business orders at Surprose:

  • Ordering on account, (after approval of your file);
  • Clear invoice, including VAT;
  • Possibility of a standard discount for frequent orders;
  • We will keep your details for your next order;
  • The luxurious box and the free greeting card;
  • Orders with a value above €50,- will be delivered for free;
  • A preferred delivery date;

What do you have to do? It is very simple. Create a business account on our webshop. You can already create an account. Contact us to discuss your wishes, we will look into this and then give your business account the rights to order on account. Please provide us with the relevant details so we can get your account ready for use! Creating and using an account is completely free of charge.

Bouquets, especially for your company

Do you have special wishes for a bouquet, is the bouquet that matches your company image not in our range? We can always look at the possibilities to adapt a bouquet or have it coloured differently. At Surprose anything is possible! More about bouquets for your company. Or contact us!

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