Business ordering large numbers of roses

Business ordering large numbers of roses

At Surprose it is possible to order roses up to 10.000 pieces directly from the grower. The roses are fresh and of the highest quality. It is possible to order from 10 to 1001 roses via the webshop. If you want to order more than 1001 roses you should send an e-mail with the desired number of pieces to The desired number of roses will then be delivered on the desired delivery date to the desired address in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

Order 1.000 roses

Need 1.000 fresh roses directly from the grower? Surprose arranges it! For example, order 1,000 red roses. An order of 1.000 roses is possible in six different colours, namely red, white, pink, yellow, orange and salmon. Each colour of rose has a different meaning. So look carefully at the meaning of each colour before ordering.

Meaning colour roses:

  • The red rose stands for love, loyalty, respect and friendship
  • The white rose stands for purity, cleanness and innocence
  • The pink rose stands for elegance, romance, grace and joy
  • The yellow rose stands for warmth and joy
  • The orange rose stands for passion, fun and friendship
  • The salmon-coloured rose stands for desire and excitement

Roses up to 1001 pieces:

Order 2.000, 5.000 or 7.500 roses

At Surprose it is possible to order up to 10.000 roses. It doesn't matter if it's 3.000 roses or 6.000. Please indicate the desired number of roses at At Surprose it's also possible to order roses packed per piece. This is suitable for parties and business events, where roses are handed out. The roses are wrapped in plastic foil and a water tube. The plastic foil protects the rose and the water tube keeps the rose fresh during the distribution process. These packaged roses can be delivered in 3 to 4 days.

Order roses per piece:

Delivery of large quantities of roses

If a large quantity of roses is ordered, the roses are delivered by cooled transport. This is done by Surprose herself in the Netherlands or by a dedicated transport company. In this way you will receive the roses fresh, undamaged and on time.

Order large quantities of roses for an event

Roses are good to use as decoration for events. Think of the decoration of a wedding. Besides decoration, roses can also be used as a gift, for example at an exam ceremony. Surprose is able to deliver roses at various events. At a graduation or examination ceremony it is nice to give roses wrapped per piece as a gift.

Choose your amount of roses:

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