Deliver special coloured roses

Surprose offers various exceptionally coloured roses. The roses are exclusively of high quality. And available in different quantities. With every order you will receive a free Surprose greeting card. The roses get their special colour from biodegradable ink. The coloured roses have the same shelf life in the vase as normal roses, so you can treat them just like any other rose. Surprose provides the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with coloured roses.

exceptionally coloured roses:

Rainbow rose delivery

Rainbow roses are the new flower trend! But for whom? These roses are of course for anyone looking for something special. The leaves of each rainbow rose contain all the colours of the rainbow. In each rainbow rose the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple shine through. The rose gets these colours from biodegradable ink.

The range includes both the classic rainbow rose, with the bright colours of the rainbow, and also pastel shades. We can also supply spray roses in rainbow colours. They are available in various quantities. It is also possible to specify your own number of rainbow roses. Order a bouquet of beautiful rainbow roses!

Black rose deliveries

Surprose has two types of black roses in its range. Natural black roses and black painted roses. The natural black roses are very dark red roses that appear almost black in bud. And the dyed black roses are originally red roses of the Red Naomi variety, and are coloured with biodegradable black ink. The black roses are available in mixed bouquets and in mono bouquets. Surprose also offers you the possibility to order your own number of black roses. You will receive a free greeting card with your order. Furthermore Surprose offers the possibility to indicate a desired delivery date.

Deliver blue roses

Order your rose bouquet with blue roses online here. Have the bouquet of fresh blue roses delivered to your home on the desired delivery date.

Blue roses are already very unique and are the perfect gift for men or someone whose favourite colour is blue. Blue roses are suitable to give for birthdays, graduations or just because without a specific occasion. At Surprose, you can also choose the number of roses you want to give to make it even more appropriate for the occasion. Ordering blue roses for a special person or a special occasion is always a good idea!

Special coloured rose delivery

At Surprose it is possible to indicate your desired delivery date. The blue, black and rainbow roses have a delivery time of a few days. As soon as we receive your order we will pass it on to our grower. The roses are then coloured specially for you, this takes one day, after which they are immediately taken to our bindery. Here they are carefully bound into a bouquet, packaged in our exclusive gift box and sent by DHL to several countries in Europe.

Important information about coloured roses!

The fresh roses are treated with an environmentally friendly ink. Please note that coloured liquid may be released from the stems when cutting them. Avoid contact with clothing and delicate surfaces to avoid staining.

Du musst 18 Jahre oder älter sein, um dieses Produkt kaufen zu können.
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