Ordering Red Naomi roses

Ordering Red Naomi roses

Red Naomi roses, romantic and intense red roses

The Red Naomi is the best known red rose and therefore also the most common in our range. Red roses are the most sought after when it comes to roses. When it comes to red roses, the Red Naomi is the most popular! A red rose is of course a symbol of love, so if you're looking for a good red rose to give to your loved one, then the Red Naomi is the rose for you! The Red Naomi rose stands for passion and romance. The ultimate gift for your loved one. The Red Naomi rose, grown in the Netherlands, is a true love rose with an extremely romantic look. This beautiful red rose is characterised by her velvety red petals. Also her long strong stems of 60 centimetres with surprisingly few thorns make this red rose a real highlight. The Red Naomi rose has a large rosebud of up to 7 centimetres in diameter. The red rosebud has many petals and carries a subtle rose scent. Because of the excellent long vase life you will enjoy your bouquet of red roses to the full.

Our experience says that the Red Naomi rose is currently the best red rose you can find in the industry.

Red roses from Holland

All Red Naomi roses come to us directly from grower Meewisse Roses, so that we can guarantee the quality of these chic red roses. Meeuwisse Roses is known for the always excellent quality of its roses, which we guarantee through our direct contact with this grower. Because the grower, the pick-up point and the bindery are located in the Netherlands, the roses can be delivered easily and quickly. This means that the roses are hand-bound as fresh as possible and have as long a vase life as possible. Meewisse Roses is a company that was founded by Aad Meewisse and years later his son joined him. In total the breeders of Meewisse Roses have 37 years of experience in growing roses. Also at Meewisse Roses sustainability is considered very important. Only biological crop protection is used, energy consumption is limited and the amount of waste is greatly reduced. About 13 million Red Naomi roses are cut, packed and shipped every year. All this takes place on 43,000 square metres! That's about the same as 6 football fields full of red roses. Want to know more about our grower? You can read more about Meewisse Roses here!

80 red roses or 100 red roses for every occasion

Whether you order 20 red roses, 25 red roses, 50 red roses, 100 red roses or 1 red rose. Red roses are a symbol of romance, passion and love. Whether you have a large bunch of red roses, a bouquet of red roses with 1 white rose or 1 single red rose delivered, each unique rose speaks the language of love. Therefore, the red rose is a perfect gift to show your love. Red roses are also often used for bridal arrangements, decorations and other arrangements because this Red Naomi rose is guaranteed to give a beautiful sight. Would you like to deliver Red Naomi roses or order red roses? We have the Red Naomi in our assortment all year round as a single bouquet. Did you know that you can order these Red Naomi roses in any number, from 10 to 101, from 102 to 500 and from 501 to 1001! You can fill in how many roses you would like in your bouquet! For example, give 25, 50 or 60 red roses as a gift to your secret love. Maybe you want to give a workshop with red roses or make a flower arrangement with a red rose. Give the birthday person the number of their age in roses, the number of months that you and your partner have been together in number of roses or the number of years!

Our Red Naomi roses:

Anonymous delivery of red roses

You can also easily order your red roses anonymously and have them delivered to the recipient. Would you like to declare your love to someone, but not for the recipient to know who sent you the roses? Choose a bouquet or select the number of red roses you would like to send in the 'choose your number' category. Here you can order the Red Naomi rose from 10 to 1001 pieces. So there's plenty of choice! Have you made your choice? You can write something on the card for the recipient. What you write on the card is the only thing the recipient will see about you. So if you fill in your name, the recipient will know who sent you the Red Naomi roses. If you don't do this, you remain anonymous! What if the recipient wants to know who the roses are from? The recipient may ask us this question, but we are not allowed to pass on information from an orderer to a recipient. If we receive such a request from a recipient, we will contact the purchaser and ask if the purchaser wants to contact the recipient himself or if we can pass on some information. If the answer is no, you will remain anonymous at all times. The invoice will not be included in the box and you will only receive it in your mailbox after ordering!

An exclusive gift

Would you like to make your bouquet of red roses even more exclusive and are you looking for roses and champagne, wine or chocolate? In our webshop you will always find a gift to your liking. It is also possible to order 50 red roses and 1 white. The meaning of this is that the number of the red or pink roses stands for the age of the birthday person or the number of years you are together. And the white rose, in the middle, stands for a fine, happy and healthy new (life) year. In short, red roses are a perfect gift for a special person, at Surprose you can easily order a bouquet entirely to your liking. What you need to do?

  1. Choose your number of red roses and fill it in;
  2. Click on 'order';
  3. Scroll down in your shopping basket;
  4. Add a single white rose to your bouquet;
  5. Complete your order.

Our experienced flower arrangers will then ensure that you receive your amount of red roses, with this single white rose in the middle. This bouquet is hand-tied into a beautiful bouquet!

Read more about our luxurious Red Naomi roses in our blog.

Our Red Naomi roses:

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