Rose variety: Fiësta

Rose variety: Fiësta

The name of this rose says it all. It is a joy to have this rose in your home. This rose has a playful effect and will therefore bring more atmosphere to the room. The Fiësta is a special rose. This rose has two colours. The rose is orange and has vertical yellow stripes over the rose petals!

The Fiësta rose

Fiësta roseSo the Fiësta has two colours. The special thing about this rose is that the two colours do not run into each other or fade into each other. The two colours appear in the rose petals as stripes. Sometimes as a whole stripe across the leaf and sometimes as shorter stripes. This is an effect that does not often occur in roses! We also have the Paloma rose, but in this rose only the outer edges of the rose have a different colour and these colours do fade into each other. Other roses in our range with multiple colours are the rainbow roses of the Vendela variety. These are dyed. Fiësta is therefore clearly a special appearance!

The colours are obtained naturally, so this rose is not dyed. No ink has been used. It is therefore understandable that every Fiësta rose can look different. The stripes of the colours have no fixed pattern. It is therefore possible that the roses you have seen in our webshop have a different pattern than the one you will receive. What is certain is that the roses are exclusive and unique!

The origin of the Fiësta

Fiësta bouquetThis rose variety was created by the breeder Lex+ The Rose Factory in Ecuador. The Fiësta roses that we have in our range do not come from Ecuador. The Fiësta roses from Surprose come from Kenya and are grown there by grower Omang. Kenya is a warm country with many hours of sun and relatively little rain. The sun is also very high in Kenya, because it is so close to the equator. Among other things, Omang has KFC certification. This is a certification that is issued by the Kenya Flower Council and concerns the environment and working conditions. Omang has also been named silver member, which means that they also score very highly in terms of sustainability and quality! This grower stands for enthusiasm, fun and possibilities. They are good at growing roses with large rosebuds.

Facts about the Fiësta rose

The roses have a stem length of approx. 60 cm. The roses are therefore best in a medium to large vase. This special rose is only in one bouquet in our range. Because this rose is so special, they are unfortunately not immediately available. The roses have a delivery time of 3 to 4 working days. The roses are cut at the grower's and transported as quickly as possible to the bindery, where they are hand-tied into a bouquet together with panicum. The panicum ensures that it is a playful bouquet! It is somewhat reminiscent of a field bouquet. The bouquet in our range, when available, will be shown below. Other roses with a similar special colour gradient will also be shown when available!

Roses with colour gradient:

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