Rose variety: Paloma

All about the Paloma rose

This rose has two colours, pink and cream. The inside of the rose is the cream colour, which runs over to the pink colour at the edges of the rose petals. This overflow of colours has a special effect on the rose. The rose is very suitable for use in a bouquet with gypsophila, but is also suitable for a mixed bouquet with other rose varieties due to the gradient in colour. This makes it easier for the rose to fit in with other roses, but it is not 'boring' when used in a mono-bouquet.

About the Paloma rose

Paloma rose The bud size of this Paloma rose is about 5 to 6 cm and the stem length is about 50 cm. This means that the stem of the rose is half a metre long and the rosebud, measured from where the stem ends, is still 5.5 cm when the rose is still fresh and closed. The roses are available immediately and, if ordered before 2pm, can usually be delivered the next day.
The Paloma rose provides a fresh and cheerful eye-catcher in your interior. Of course, pink has to fit in with your interior. The Paloma roses fit perfectly with brown, beige, white or other pastel colours. But if you like all sorts of cheerful colours together, that is also possible of course!
The rose is a symbol of joy, loyalty, trust and admiration. That makes this rose suitable for many different occasions. For example, if you want to thank someone, wish them a happy birthday or simply let them know you are thinking of them. This rose is suitable for conveying all these messages. So in the free greeting card, let the recipient know why he/she received these roses.

The grower of Paloma

Paloma bouquet This rose originates from Ecuador, where it was discovered. Surprose's Paloma roses come from Kenya, where they are grown by Ol-Njorowa. The Paloma rose is grown in an area that has the highest number of daily sunshine hours. This ensures that the roses become strong and that the quality of the roses remains the same throughout the year. Because we use this regular grower we can always use the freshest Paloma roses. High quality fresh roses are not only more beautiful or bigger, they also have a longer vase life! Want to know more about this? Read our blog: fresh roses from the grower. This grower also attaches great importance to sustainability. They have already planted 4,000 trees to make the forest in Kenya grow again. With this, they hope to protect the nature in the area.

Paloma as a gift

Are you convinced of this special rose? Each bouquet is hand-tied by experienced flower arrangers. They make sure that the Paloma roses are mixed, or tied as a mono-bouquet into a beautiful bouquet. The bouquet is surrounded by white paper and a fresh bag. This fresh bag contains flower food and water. This ensures that the roses are delivered to the recipient in the best possible condition. Would you like to order something extra with your Paloma roses bouquet? You can! We have vases, chocolate, cuddly toys, champagne and wine in our range, all of which can be found in the menu under 'gifts'.

Our Paloma roses:
  1. Pink-red rose bouquet with Lindt heart
    Pink-red rose bouquet with Lindt heart
    Special Price €31.50 Regular Price €33.95
  2. Pink-red rose bouquet
    Rose bouquet pink-red
  3. Mix of 30 pink roses
    Mix of 30 pink roses
  4. Rose bouquet Paloma with pink gypsophila
    Rose bouquet Paloma with pink gypsophila

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