Rose variety: Vendela

The Vendela rose

The Vendela is originally a rose with a white/creamy colour. However, this rose is not available from us in its original colour. This is because the rose is used for colouring. The colouring of the rose is a unique and special process that is not entirely open to the public. This is one of the reasons why the coloured roses in our range are so special. The coloured Vendela roses in our range are: blue roses, rainbow roses and rainbow pastel roses. These kinds of roses are not available everywhere, certainly not to a consumer, but with us they are!

Order Vendela roses

Blue rose: VendelaThe grower provides fresh Vendela roses, which are then given unique colours in the unfamiliar way and are then offered to the market. When blue, rainbow or rainbow pastel roses are ordered from us, we let the grower know how many and which roses are required. At that moment the roses are coloured. When the roses are coloured they go to the collection point where all our roses come together. The roses will be taken to the bindery where they will be bound into a complete bouquet and are ready to be sent.
The Vendela roses are coloured as fresh as possible and collected with our other ordered roses. The roses are not taken from a stock and are therefore all fresh, so that the roses last as long as possible when you put them in the vase at home. The intention is of course that the Vendela roses can be enjoyed for as long as possible. This is why the delivery time for these roses is longer than for other roses. These roses need more preparation and work to become as beautiful as they are shown in our webshop.

Colours of the Vendela rose

Rainbow roses: VendelaThe colouring of the roses has not been made completely public for everyone. So we cannot explain exactly how it works. That is a secret kept by our growers. However, the process for the blue and the two shades of rainbow roses is similar. We also know that the ink used to colour the roses is a biodegradable ink. So the roses will not harm nature and the environment! Want to know more about sustainability and what we are doing about it? On the 'Sustainability' page you can find more information about this.
The ink is absorbed by the stem of the Vendela rose and transported upwards. The ink is then absorbed into the rose petals, but also into the leaves on the stem of the rose. You will notice that the leaves of these roses also change colour. This is completely normal and does no harm. This process has little or no effect on the vase life of these roses. The Vendela rose is a strong and very suitable rose for this process.

Bouquet of Vendela roses

When you have the coloured Vendela rose at home, all you have to do is enjoy it. Whether you just love the colour blue or the rainbow colours, in pastel shades or in bright hues or whether it stands for the LGBT+ community. These roses are basically always suitable. Do you want to know what the meaning of these special roses is? Read our blog: Symbolism of rose colours and find out the symbolic meaning of blue and rainbow roses!
One thing to be aware of when you have the roses in your home is that a few drops of colour can still leak from the stems of the roses. It is a shame if coloured ink ends up on your clothes or other surfaces.

Our Vendela roses:

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