5 tips: taking care of roses in the vase

Roses are perhaps the most famous flowers of all. That's most likely because of the symbolism.

Glass vase

Roses symbolize love, but also joy, happiness and affection. The color of the rose also has a certain symbolic meaning. Even the number of roses you give to someone has a special meaning. When you have this special symbolism in your home you want to enjoy it as long as possible, right? Proper care of your roses is a must. In this article we give you tips on rose care so you can optimally enjoy your beautiful bouquet of roses.

#1 Taking care of roses: A glass vase

It is best to put your roses in a glass vase. Vases made of earthenware, in fact, have small pores in which bacteria can reside, and this is in disadvantage of the life of your roses.

#2 Taking care of roses: Cut the stems diagonally

Cut the stems of your roses at an angle with sharp and clean pruning shears. It can also be done with a sharp and clean knife if you don't have pruning shears (at hand). By cutting your rose at an angle, you ensure that it has more room to absorb nutrients. Also remove the leaves at the bottom of the stems that might get into the water.

Special tip for taking care of peonies:


Do you have peonies in your vase? Then give your peonies room to bloom, so never put too many in the (clean) vase. Do you have a bunch where not all the buds are coming out? The buds have a natural sugar coating, which can prevent the peonies from opening on their own. Rinse the buds with lukewarm water.

#3 Taking care of roses: Roses on clean water

Always put your roses on clean (lukewarm) water. And make sure that the leaves do not get into the clean water, if necessary remove a few more. The thorns can stay in the water. Do not forget to add the (included) flower food to your vase. And to get a jump on things, the angled stems can't be in contact with air for too long. The head of the rose will eventually start to droop.

#4 Taking care of roses: Changing them regularly

Refill the water in the vase regularly with clean lukewarm water. Change your vase with roses after one week. Clean the vase thoroughly, cut the stems diagonally again about 3 cm and fill the vase again with lukewarm water. Also add the second bag of cut flower food that comes with every Surprose order.

#5 Taking care of roses: A cool place

Rose shears

Your roses do best in a cool and draft-free place. So don't put the vase in full sun, next to the door or close to the heater or stove. 

One last tip from us. If you have received roses, put them in water as soon as possible or they will go limp. Did this happen to you? Roll the roses up tightly in (newspaper) paper, put them in cold water and leave them overnight in a cold place in the house. Chances are they will have recovered by the next morning and can finally be put in the vase. If you continue to take good care of your roses, they will remain beautiful for at least 2 to 3 weeks. That is optimal enjoyment, right?

Are you ready for new roses or do you want to surprise someone else? Do you love roses even more since you took good care of them? And would you like to make yourself or someone else happy with the beautiful roses from Surprose? Choose a bouquet or a few individual roses from our wide selection and use the care tips above to enjoy the most beautiful and symbolic flowers for as long as possible.

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