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Roses for Mother's DayOrder roses for Mother's Day

Order roses for Mother's Day and send them to your mother. 8 May is the day: Mother's Day 2022. Would you like to deliver roses for Mother's Day? Our rose service doesn't deliver on Sundays, but on 6 and 7 May, mothers can get fresh bouquets of roses for this special day all over the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. So you can also have the roses delivered to your home, to hand them to your mother yourself! All our Mother's Day bouquets are sent by the best growers via the shortest route, so you can expect 100% fresh roses of the best quality. Surprise your mother with a loving delivery of roses from Surprose!

Flowers for Mother's Day

Flowers for Mother's DayFlowers are the number one gift that is given to mothers on Mother's Day. Many mothers simply love flowers. Flowers are also given as a token of appreciation and love. That is also how the current form of Mother's Day arose. Wanting to show appreciation, respect and love towards your mother. So giving a bouquet is actually very appropriate for this day! Expressing love through flowers is of course best done with roses, because the rose is the symbol of love. The symbol of love is much broader than just the romantic love you have for your partner. Read more about the symbolism per rose colour here and find the rose that suits you and your message!

Why roses for Mother's Day?

Roses are the most popular flowers to surprise mothers with on Mother's Day. The rose is seen as the flower of love. By sending roses on Mother's Day, you can let your mother know that you appreciate her and love her. Surprose sends the most beautiful roses fresh from the grower. Each rose is freshly cut and goes from the grower to our flower designers. They make the bouquet you have chosen for your mother and send it, so you can surprise your mother with the bouquet. The process has few steps, so your roses only have to travel for a short time. That is why our roses are so fresh and have a long vase life. Your mother will enjoy the roses for a long time!

Surprose sends the most beautiful roses for Mother's Day:

  • Pink roses: Give gratitude, happiness and admiration.
  • Red roses: Give your mother red roses on this Mother's Day as a sign of respect. The colour red is also a great option for a partner who wants to give something to the mother of their children.
  • White roses: Honour your mother with beautiful white roses.
  • Yellow roses: Yellow is nice for mothers-in-law, stepmothers or grandmothers. Yellow roses represent kindness, happiness and affection.
  • Orange roses: Orange roses are used to send greetings to mothers.

If in doubt, order the bouquet of roses according to your personal taste, because every mother is happy with a gift from her child! Do you still find it difficult? Then go for a mixed bouquet. A bouquet with several varieties of roses or several colours is more general and therefore more likely to be a hit!

Mother's Day rosesA personal flower gift

Giving a beautiful bouquet of roses on Mother's Day becomes even more special if you personalise the bouquet. Surprose offers to send the Mother's Day gift with a nice personal message. You can add a text in the greeting card. Let your mother know why she deserves this and from whom she received the bouquet. What you could also do is add a video message instead of text. Your mother can then scan the QR code on the card and see your personal video message that you recorded. Record a video of yourself, your children and your partner and upload the video using the link we will send you by e-mail. Surprise your mother by literally telling her why she deserves this bouquet!

Add something extra

Does your mother love chocolate or can she enjoy a good wine or champagne? Then take a look at all our chocolates, wines and/or champagnes. You can easily add these to your order to make the surprise even bigger for your mum! 
Do you want to make things easy for your mother? Make sure she gets as much attention as possible on this day? Then add a pair of rose scissors or a vase to your order. The rose scissors make it easy for your mother to cut the rose stems and she will enjoy the roses longer. Cutting rose stems with blunt scissors or a blunt knife closes the vessels in the stem and makes it harder for the rose to absorb water. If you want to add a vase, consider an acrylic vase. These vases will not break if they fall on the ground. If your children or grandchildren run around the house, the vase will not break if it falls over. Your floor does not have to be littered with little shards of glass!

Flowers for Mother's Day: 8 May 2022 | SURPROSE

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