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Order was xorses Wax roses can be ordered online at Surprose

You can order wax roses online at Surprose and have them delivered in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The range consists of different colours of roses, namely: red, bordeaux, white, copper, gold and silver. Most of them come from the Netherlands from our grower: Berg Roses and are of the rose variety Avalanche. This is a large rose that falls under the XXL roses in our range. These roses have a layer of wax with the corresponding colour. These roses are only available in the webshop in the last months of the year, usually until Christmas.

It is advisable to let the wax roses dry first and then place them in a vase without water. This will ensure that the roses remain beautiful for longer.

Shipping and delivery of the wax roses

You can send the wax roses as gifts at Surprose, but of course they are also perfect for yourself. For example, you can put the roses in the living room, where your Christmas tree is. The colours of the wax roses match the beautiful colours of Christmas perfectly. Surprose ships and delivers the wax roses very quickly. When you order the waxroses, our growers immediately start working for you. Because of the whole process leading up to it, there is a delivery time of three working days. You can also order your own specific number of roses in the "choose your own number" product. This way, you can be sure of a personal and unique gift!

The colours of the wax roses

Surprose has chosen fitting colours in its range. This is because these wax roses are available during the Christmas period. The range includes the following colours: white, red, burgundy, silver, gold and copper. These colours therefore perfectly suit the colder weather of this period. These colours are also perfect for certain anniversaries, such as wedding anniversaries. Are you or do you know someone who has been married for 25 years? Then congratulate yourself or someone else on their silver wedding anniversary by having 25 silver wax roses sent by Surprose. Would you rather order other colours or other quantities? Please contact our customer service.

How are wax roses made?

The roses used are usually white roses, such as the Avalanche rose. These roses are large-flowered, have a strong stem and high quality. The wax that covers the roses can make them very heavy, so it is important to use strong roses. This is so that the rose can bear the wax. These roses are fresh from the grower. The wax is mixed with colour, so that the wax takes on the desired colour. The wax is very hot, because it has to be fluid. The roses are dipped upside down into this mixture. The excessive amount of wax then drips out of the rose for a while, after which the rose is given a short rest. The wax can then cool down and harden. The number of roses that have been ordered are sent on water to our bindery.

Once in our bindery, the roses are individually wrapped in a sheet of paper. Once hardened, the wax is vulnerable and pieces can break off. To prevent this our flower binders wrap the roses individually in the paper. When all roses are wrapped in their own sheet of paper, they are wrapped in paper together and receive a freshbag around the stems, just like all our other bouquets. This keeps the roses fresh and gives them water and flower food while they are on their way to the recipient.

Roses, especially for Christmas

This special type of rose is perfect for Christmas. For decades, this type of rose has been used for Christmas decoration. The wax that covers the roses perfectly suits the Christmas atmosphere. The wax over the roses also keeps them beautiful for longer, because the wax is retained over time. This makes these roses ideal for use in Christmas pieces, Christmas bouquets or arrangements.

Decorating with wax roses for Christmas

The roses are very heavy with wax, which makes them more suitable for use in a decoration piece than as a bouquet. Cut the stem of the rose to the desired length. Determine what is beautiful, depending on what kind of decoration piece you are going to make with it. Mix the flower food you received with the roses with water and use it to moisten a piece of (green) oasis. Put the roses in the oasis and decorate your Christmas arrangement the way you like it.

Would you prefer to use the roses as a bouquet? Then we have a few tips for you, so that the rosebud does not become too heavy for its stem and will droop. Fill the vase with (green) branches or give the rose stalk extra support by wrapping wire around the stem.

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