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Valentine bouquet delivery

Every year on 14 February, it is Valentine's Day again. This day is again the perfect opportunity to surprise your sweetheart with Valentine roses. Surprose, as an online rose specialist, has a wide range of roses for Valentine's Day. Surprose has special Valentine's bouquets composed by professionals. These are mono bouquets, but also mixed bouquets. This way, you always impress your loved one on this special day. Because you want to make your feelings clear, Surprose also lets you send a free greeting card along with your Valentine roses. With Surprose, you can have Valentine roses delivered in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium! 

Surprise your Valentine with roses and a gift!

Surprose also has many nice gifts that you can give to your loved one besides the roses. For example, you can add delicious chocolate or a good bottle of champagne to the Valentine's Day bouquet. Surprose sends everything in a luxury gift box, so the party starts when you unwrap the Valentine roses!

Red Naomi roses for Valentine's DayRed Naomi roses for Valentine's Day

Roses for Valentine's Day, a historical combination!

Valentine's Day is centuries old. There are stories that already in the year 496 Pope Gelasius declared the 14th of February as Saint Valentine's Day. Over the centuries, all sorts of stories and myths have emerged about the origin and meaning of Valentine's Day. All these stories link it to secret love sending a Valentine's greeting. This used to be done exclusively anonymously, and people usually sent a card or roses. Later, it became a tradition in large parts of Europe to surprise a secret love on Valentine's Day.  

The ultimate gift for your Valentine is therefore a bouquet of roses from Surprose! Order online roses for your Valentine at Surprose. We have special Valentine roses, of course in red of different rose varieties, hand-tied into a beautiful bouquet or as a single rose in a beautiful gift box.  

We only supply premium roses for Valentine's Day. These can be ordered by the piece or as a ready-made rose bouquet. You can opt for a single red rose including matching rose vase in a stylish gift box, for three red roses including glass vase or up to 100 red roses, tied as one large Valentine's Day bouquet. You can include a free greeting card... but sending roses anonymously is of course also possible. For privacy reasons, we will never provide the recipient with information about the giver, the Valentine in this case. Should a recipient approach us, we will pass this on to the person ordering, as it is up to the person ordering whether they want to reveal their name.  

Order Valentine roses

Surprise your Valentine with a beautiful bouquet of roses. Surprose has made a list of products with which you can best surprise your loved one!

Buy red Valentine roses at Surprose

Would you like to surprise your loved one with a beautiful bunch of red Valentine roses? Then Surprose has the best quality roses for you! Surprose has different types of red roses in its range that are perfect for Valentine's Day. For example, Surprose has the EverRed rose for sale. This rose is grown in Kenya, giving it the same great quality all year round. If you order your own number of EverRed roses, the roses have a stem length of about 60 centimetres. This ensures you have a large and impressive bouquet of Valentine roses for your loved one!  

Surprose also has premium XXL roses of the Red Naomi variety. These Dutch roses are known for their beautiful red flower bud. This also makes these roses very popular for Valentine's Day. These roses are extra large with a stem length of about 65 centimetres. The Red Naomi is also used in several Valentine bouquets in our range. These include the Red Naomi in the bouquet of 15 red roses with gypsophila. These Valentine roses are perfect if you want to surprise your sweetheart on this romantic day!  

Valentine roses with free greeting card

At Surprose, in addition to your beautiful Valentine roses, you can also add a fun and free greeting card to your order. This way, you can make your Valentine bouquet that little bit more unique and personal. Need inspiration for some romantic texts for your greeting card? Here are some nice texts for your sweetheart: 

  • Hey Valentine's day, I just want to say that I love you very much and I couldn't live without you! 
  • Will you be my Valentine, I love you very much! 
  • With this I want to say that I will always love you! 
  • A beautiful bunch of roses for my Valentine! 
  • Hey Valentine's day, we're going to make it a beautiful and romantic day together!
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Send roses anonymously

At Surprose, you also have the option of sending beautiful Valentine roses anonymously. This way you have a beautiful and discreet gift for your secret love!  Surprose has high quality Valentine roses that are sent in a gift box. There is no invoice in this packaging, so the recipient cannot see who the Valentine bouquet comes from. If you do want the recipient to know that you sent the bouquet, you can put your name in the free card that is sent in the gift box.  

Roses for Valentine? Order them now!

Surprose has had many rose bouquets specially made for Valentine's Day. So you have a beautiful and unique gift for your loved one on this romantic day. The roses at Surprose are always sent in a beautiful gift box, so unwrapping them is already a pleasure. As Surprose has the widest range of roses in Europe, you are sure to find a beautiful Valentine's bouquet for your loved one. With Surprose, you can also have your Valentine roses delivered on Valentine's Day itself. 

Roses and Valentine's Day are inseparable. After all, roses stand for love, joy and happiness. So with Valentine roses, in addition to a beautiful gift, you also give your loved one a feeling of happiness!   

Our bestsellers for Valentine's Day:

  • 100 red roses. To express your everlasting love we have this bouquet of 100 red roses in our assortment. These 100 roses are of the species Red Naomi and very suitable as a Valentine's Day gift. The roses have the highest quality there is to be desired and will therefore be seen as an amazing gift by the receiver.
  • 30 red roses with Moët & Chandon champagne. Order a beautiful bouquet with 30 red roses and champagne. The red roses in this bouquet are also from the Red Naomi variety. Roses and champagne are well suited for Valentine's Day. Enjoy first the roses and then the delicious champagne. Create a special surprise with the roses and champagne of Surprose!
  • Three red roses including glass vase and Lindt Pralines. The roses, the glass vase and the Lindt Pralines are carefully packaged in our luxury gift box in a way that ensures the roses, the glass vase and the Lindt Pralines arrive undamaged at their destination. Along with the bouquet you will receive a greeting card for a personal message. The pralines are in a heart package. Surprise your Valentine with this great gift from Surprose!

Order Valentine Heart

Add a Valentine heart to your order? No problem, Surprose has a beautiful metal box in heart shape containing delicious chocolates from the famous chocolate house Lindt.  In our special Valentine category you will find all suitable roses for your Valentine. Simply and discreetly order the ultimate Valentine gift for your Valentine at Surprose.

Rose bouquet for Valentine's DayRose bouquet for Valentine's Day

Valentine's FAQ

Why roses as a Valentine's Day gift?

Roses represent love and happiness. Surprose roses are delivered fresh from the grower directly to you. This will give you a beautiful bunch of roses for your loved one on Valentine's Day. The meaning of roses also fits perfectly with a day like Valentine's Day. So surprise your loved one with a rose bouquet from Surprose for Valentine's Day!

What roses for Valentine's Day are there?

When you think of Valentine's Day, you often think of beautiful red roses. Surprose has high quality red roses that you can easily and quickly order. Surprose also has several rose bouquets specially designed for Valentine's Day. For example, you can also add a nice cuddly toy or a delicious chocolate. All Valentine bouquets are sent in a luxury gift box, so you have a beautiful gift for your loved one!

What do roses for Valentine's Day mean?

If you received roses for Valentine's Day, you mean a lot to that person. Red roses in particular represent the unconditional love you have for someone. With roses, in addition to beautiful flowers, you give away a real feeling of happiness. Surprose roses are of such a high quality that the person will not easily forget when these roses are beautifully displayed in the vase.

What types of red roses are there for Valentine's Day?

Surprose has different types of red roses for Valentine's Day. The Red Naomi is the XXL rose with a long stem and large flower bud. These are Dutch roses and are of very high quality. Another red rose from Surprose is the EverRed. These are Kenyan roses that are also very strong. With good care, EverRed roses can also stand beautifully in the vase for several weeks. So Surprose has the best red roses for Valentine's Day!

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