Choose your own number of roses

Choose your own number of roses

A rose has many meanings and is therefore suitable for many occasions. A rose stands for love, joy, happiness and affection. At Surprose, you can order rose bouquets or have a desired number of roses delivered individually. Giving roses as a gift can be perfect for any occasion and for any person. Surprose gets all roses fresh from the grower. This way, you can be sure that when you buy a specific number of roses from Surprose, they will look beautiful in the vase for a long time to come. You can order any number of roses from 10 pieces upwards. It is also possible to order 1 rose or 3 roses. These come with a glass vase, so you can be sure you can place the roses beautifully.

Roses per piece: the meaning of the numbers

As mentioned, roses can have different meanings. The numbers of roses can also differ in meaning. Below is a list of the meanings of the different numbers:

Choose your ow number of rosesChoose your ow number of roses
  • 1 rose: this tells the person that he or she loves you very much. A red rose is often given on romantic occasions.
  • 3 roses: three roses are often given on business occasions such as an anniversary.
  • 10 roses: You give a bouquet of 10 roses when you think someone is perfect!
  • 12 roses: this number of roses is often used when making a marriage proposal. Red roses are then often used for this.
  • 15 roses: have you made a mistake and want to apologise? Then 15 roses are perfect for this message.
  • 24 roses: this shows that you think of the person every hour of the day and cannot live without them.
  • 50 roses: showing that your love for the other person is immense.
  • 100 roses: an impressive bouquet of 100 roses represents the eternal love you have for someone.

Most popular roses:

Single roses for a special occasion

So roses are suitable for many different occasions. A popular option for a birthday is to order the number of roses for the birthday person's age. This way, you have a beautiful and personal gift for the person and also show that you have put effort into it. You can also order a specific number of roses for your wedding anniversary, for example. Being married for 10 years is also called a rose wedding. How nice then to give your partner 10 roses on this special day. If you want to go all out, you can also order more than 100 roses for a marriage proposal. This way, you can decorate the location of the proposal beautifully and it will be a very romantic place.

Any number is possible at Surprose

Surprose is the specialist in roses and therefore you can be sure that when you order roses from Surprose, you will always get the best quality. Surprose roses come directly from the grower. As a result, the roses are always as fresh as possible and, with proper care, they can remain beautiful in the vase for a long time. For quantities up to 1001 roses, you can place an order on our website. For quantities above that, we would like to ask you to contact our customer service. That way we can see what we can do for you and whether we can arrange transport ourselves.

The meaning of different coloured roses

The numbers of roses have different meanings, but so do the colours of the roses, of course! Red roses of course represent the unconditional love you have for someone, but if you just want to thank someone for something they have done for you, red roses might send out the wrong message. To thank someone, pink roses are very suitable. After all, these also represent gratitude and admiration. Do you want to lift someone's mood? Then yellow roses are very suitable. After all, these cheerful roses symbolise the sun and that makes people happy!

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