Rose variety: EverRed

The EverRed rose

EverRed roseWhen you think of roses, your first thought might be of a red rose. The red rose is probably the most famous rose there is. You usually give (or receive) red roses to your beloved to show love. But you can also show love to your parents or your brother or sister, because you love them. We have a number of red roses in our range that all look slightly different. Take a look at Red Naomi and Upper Class for example. These are two red rose varieties, but they are very different from the EverRed! Take a look at our category: 'red roses'. It lists all the red roses in our range. Can you see the difference between the rose varieties?

The EverRed usually has a stem length of 50 cm. When roses are used in a mixed bouquet with other roses, the stem length can be adjusted to the other roses in the bouquet. The bud size of this red rose is on average 6 cm. That is quite large for a rose. The breeder of this rose is De Ruiter, started as a family business in the Netherlands and has existed for 100 years! They stand for high quality roses and often test the roses to make sure that a rose is strong enough to last a long time in the vase of the consumer. However, they are only the breeder and do not grow the roses in large numbers for sale. The EverRed roses in our range are therefore not grown here. The red roses in our range are grown by the grower Rift Valley Roses in Kenya.

The journey of the rose

EverRed bouquetThis red rose is one of 19 varieties grown by Rift Valley Roses. They use a total of 30 hectares of land for all their rose varieties. Other roses that we have in our range that they also grow include: the Camouflage and the Pink Tacazzi. They harvest twice a day to ensure that the roses are ripe. Once cut, the roses are put in water and kept in a refrigerated cell. The roses are sorted and taken on a refrigerated flight to the Netherlands, where they are collected to be freshly hand-tied and shipped. In the process, the roses are checked several times for length and quality. Everything is done to ensure that when you put them in the vase at home, you can enjoy the EverRed roses for as long as possible!

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The EverRed is available in bouquets with only this red rose (the mono-bouquet), but also as a mixed bouquet, mixed with other rose varieties. At the bottom of this page you can see the bouquets containing the EverRed rose, with and without an extra gift. Would you like to see other extra gifts? You can view the extra gifts here. You'll find, among other things, cuddly toys (bears and a stork), vases, rose shears, champagne, wine and chocolate. Are you curious about all the other rose varieties? In the overview in the rose lexicon you can see all rose varieties. They are listed in alphabetical order. By clicking on a letter at the top, you can easily go to the rose varieties starting with that letter!

Our EverRed roses:

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