Rose variety: Duchesse de Nemours

Rose variety: Duchesse de Nemours

White peony: Duchesse de NemoursA white and very beautiful peony, but what makes her special? We choose exclusive roses and therefore premium peonies. So this white peony is very special and not just a simple peony, but why? Below we will tell you all about this peony. Why she is special, what makes her unique and much more.

This peony is already over a century old. It was discovered in 1856 by a Frenchman. This Frenchman cultivated several peony species and also discovered and bred new ones himself. That this peony variety still exists and is still popular says a lot about the quality of the peony. The Duchesse de Nemours is still, after all these years, a strong peony of high quality! That is not the only thing that makes her so special, she has more characteristics that distinguish her from other white peonies.

This is what makes the white peony special

Bouquet of white peoniesHer white colour for example, the Duchesse de Nemours really has a snowy white colour. Her colour is very pure, especially when you compare her to other white peonies. Peonies have a yellow heart, these are the stamens, from the heart of the peony you can see a yellow glow of these stamens. For the rest the peony is completely white! Other white peonies are often cream-coloured, or they run over from white to cream, this peony certainly does not have this. Duchesse de Nemours is also one of the few peonies that is fragrant. When she opens up on the vase she will spread a lovely fragrance! The peony starts out as a very small rosebud, but once it opens it can grow to a width of about 13 to 15 cm. She will fill the vase with beautiful petals and the room with a wonderful scent!
This is why she is often used for weddings in summer. You can think of the bridal bouquet itself, but also of the decoration on the tables for the guests and the decoration of the room.

The Duchesse de NemoursDouble flowered white peony

So it can grow very large. Moreover, the white peony is a double-flowered peony. A single flowered peony has 5-10 rose petals at the outer edge. A double flowered peony on the other hand has many more rose petals at the outer edge. The Duchesse de Nemours peony also has a spherical heart. This means that when the peony opens, it is filled with countless smaller rose petals. So it is not only broad, but also voluminous!

The white peony is available from us as a bouquet mixed with panicum, as a mono-bouquet (a bouquet with only peonies), but you can also choose a number of white peonies yourself. Send this white peony to someone else, or spoil yourself with a beautiful bunch of peonies!

Our Duchesse de Nemours peonies:

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