Roses are beautiful flowers and are called the queen of flowers. The rose expresses love, joy and happiness. Surprise a loved one with a bouquet of beautiful roses, or treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet. Rose delivery throughout the Netherlands, directly from the best rose growers. Send your roses to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or to any other city.

Occasion roses delivered with Surprose

Due to the wide assortment of Surprose, there is an appropriate bouquet of roses for every occasion. Whether it's a wedding, birthday or other special day. Surprose delivers the bouquets throughout the Netherlands. Besides roses Surprose offers delicious chocolates that are suitable to send along with a bouquet of flowers.

This includes chocolate from Tony Chocolony, Lindt and Merci. Want the recipient to toast to their birthday? Choose a prosecco or high-quality champagne as a gift with the bouquet. Not sure if the recipient has a matching vase in the house? Then choose a vase from our assortment. For each bouquet Surprose has a matching vase.

Choose your own number of roses to be delivered

Choose your own number of roses to be delivered. Surprose delivers roses throughout the Netherlands, think of cities like Utrecht, Groningen and Almere. At Surprose you can easily order your own desired number. This is possible up from 10, 20 or 30 pieces, varying by color of the roses. You can order up to 500 pieces. It is also possible to add a single white or red rose to the bouquet. For example, would you like to order 45 red roses with a single white rose? Then choose your own number of red roses, order 45 red roses each and go to your shopping basket. Here you will be given the option to add a different color of rose, like the white one. The roses are of high quality only and you will receive a free greeting card with your order.

Special colored roses delivery in the Netherlands

Surprose offers different colored roses. These roses are for anyone looking for something special. In the special colored roses assortment are the colors black, blue and rainbow. Surprose has two types of black roses in the range. The natural black roses and the dyed black roses. The natural black roses have a very dark red color that appear almost black in bud. And the dyed black roses are originally red roses of the species Red Naomi, and are colored with biodegradable black ink. For a special bouquet of roses, you've come to the right place at Surprose. The rainbow roses contain the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. There is hardly a rose variety to be found with so many different colors.

How does the rose delivery work?

Send roses and specify your desired delivery date. The roses from Surprose come directly from the best rose growers, making fast delivery possible. The roses come from the grower to us in the bindery. In the bindery the roses are hand-tied into a beautiful bouquet. The bouquet is then delivered in an exclusive gift box to the desired address.

Roses delivery in Netherlands

A webshop for everyone. The bouquets of Surprose are delivered throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Order all year round. Whether it's raining, snowing or very hot. The roses are fresh and in a beautiful bouquet to the desired address.

Delivery date roses

At Surprose it is possible to specify a desired delivery date. The delivery is done by DHL and is 95% certain to arrive at the desired delivery date. DHL delivers with a sustainable Go-Green method. For more information look at: shipping information.

Advantages of the rose delivery of Surprose

- It is possible to choose your desired delivery date.
- The fresh bags keep the bouquet fresh during transport. the fresh bags ensure that the roses are fed and watered during transport. the fresh bags deliver the roses as fresh as possible to the desired delivery address.
- The roses are delivered directly from the grower.
- When ordering, you will receive a free greeting card and gift packaging.

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