Roses delivery Germany

Roses delivery Germany

You can have roses delivered all over Germany very easily with Surprose. This way, you can surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of roses. So if you have a birthday or other special day coming up soon and would like to have roses delivered to Berlin, Munich or Hamburg for example, order a beautiful bouquet of roses quickly!

Choose a bouquet and have it delivered:

Have roses delivered for different occasions

You can have roses delivered to Germany for different occasions. Surprose has a wide range of different rose varieties and colours. So you have the perfect bouquet for every occasion. For example, for a romantic day, such as Valentine's Day or your partner's birthday, you can order a beautiful bouquet of red roses and have them delivered to Germany. There are also lots of bouquets in the range that are perfect for a birthday, anniversary or wedding day. The roses from Surprose are all fresh from the grower, so with proper care you can enjoy them for a very long time!

Deliver your desired number of roses with Surprose

Even if you want a specific number of roses, Surprose is perfect for you! With Surprose, you can order your desired number of roses from 10 pieces. Do you have someone's birthday coming up soon? Then order 32 pink roses. This is a beautiful and personal gift that will be remembered for a long time. Surprose ships these roses all over Germany. So you can send beautiful bouquets of roses to places like Cologne, Frankfurt or Stuttgart. The choose your own number of roses from Surprose have a very long stem and because of the large flower bud, you don't need many roses for a beautiful and impressive bouquet.

Coloured roses delivery in Germany

Surprose also has high quality dyed roses. These are roses that do not occur in nature, but are treated with a biodegradable ink. So you can also send blue, black and even rainbow roses to Germany. These special roses can be delivered to Germany at very short notice. The natural ink used in colouring these roses is the same ink used in colouring M&Ms, for example. You can also order blue roses, black roses or rainbow roses in specific quantities starting from 10 pieces. Ideal for special parties or birthdays.

How does rose delivery work in Germany

Surprose always gets the roses fresh from the grower. This way, with proper care, you can enjoy the roses for the longest time. When you place an order, the roses go from the grower to our bindery. Here, our florists make a beautiful bouquet and put it in our luxury gift packaging. Then we give the bouquet to the courier and you can enjoy (giving) the roses as soon as possible!

Lightning-fast delivery to Germany with Surprose

Thanks to the short lines with our growers, we can deliver the roses to your desired address in Germany at very short notice. Thus, most roses ordered today can be delivered as early as tomorrow. On some roses, such as the Black Baccara, we have a delivery time of several days. We only order these when you place an order. This way, the roses are delivered to your home as fresh as possible.

Delivery of roses with gifts in Germany

At Surprose, you can easily send a bunch of roses with a matching gift to Germany. When a baby is born, you can send a cute cuddly toy for the child. You can then choose from an appropriate stork or a lovely teddy bear. For a wedding you can also add a bottle of champagne to your order. It will be delivered quickly in Germany, so you can toast the past years. If you do not yet have a suitable vase for your beautiful rose bouquet, order a high-quality vase. It would be a shame if the bouquet didn't look good in a vase that is too small or too big.

Corporate rose delivery in Germany

Surprose roses are also suitable for businesses. For example, you can have a beautiful bouquet of roses delivered in Germany for an employee's anniversary. This shows that you appreciate the person and are happy that he or she has been working for the company for so many years. You can also buy (regular) customers a bouquet of roses as a thank-you for their cooperation. This way, you give them a souvenir they will not easily forget.

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